Rihanna Bundles Up In a Big, Big Suit

Rihanna attends the FENTY x PUMA Creeper Phatty Earth Tone Launch Party at Tobacco Dock on April 17,...
Neil Mockford/WireImage/Getty Images

Rihanna, a fashion chameleon? Well, but of course. Just days after livening up a relatively tame Coachella with layers of chain and faux fur, Rihanna was back last night with another one of her signature fashion moments. This one, however, turned out to be less centered on loud festival fashion, and more concerned with Quiet Luxury. With a bit of sexy librarian sprinkled in.

Rihanna went all in on earth tones for a Fenty x Puma launch party in London. She slipped into a full look from Peter Do’s fall 2024 collection that was as much about luxe tailoring as it was about proportion. She sported baggy trousers and a matching dress shirt left partially unbuttoned. But it was Rihanna’s cocooon-like blazer that provided the most interest here. Instead of a traditional, cinched shape, her jacket featured sloped shoulders, exaggerated sleeves, and an oversized cut that finished just above the knee. Rihanna topped off her look with simple platform sneakers (creepers, of course) silver chain necklaces, and a pair of Tom Ford’s signature aviator shades. Her blunt, blonde bangs, dewy skin, and a bold red lip proved to be the perfect additions to her Quiet Luxury moment, too.

Neil Mockford/WireImage/Getty Images

Quiet Luxury, nowadays, seems to be taking a backseat to some of the more statement celebrity style trends. Especially on the red carpet, it looks as though stars would rather indulge in, say, naked dressing than stealth wealth fashion to grab headlines. With “Quiet” literally in the name, it’s hard to grab headlines. Unless you are Rihanna, of course.

Here, the Fenty mogul managed to transform the usually pared-back trend. There’s the engulfing cut of her coat and pants, yes, but there’s also some chic librarian bangs and sultry glasses to give things that extra oomph.

During the event, Rihanna explained that her biggest red carpet regret happened to be a similarly styled suit she wore in 2017. “Oh my God, it was something similar to this, which is kind of ironic,” she told reporters. “It was a brown tan suit that we all loved so much, but the day we put it on I was like, ‘Mmm, it’s giving UPS driver,’ and that is not cute. Not for the red carpet anyways.” Clearly, Rihanna’s mastered the art of oversized tailoring ever since.