Tiffany & Co. Opens a Hidden Gem in the West Village

by Christina Holevas

Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

Paris may be the city of lights, but no place shines quite as bright as New York City during the holiday season. Come Thanksgiving, the Big Apple may as well be called the Big Turkey, stuffed as it is with holiday spirit from the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree to the local corner pub.

Tiffany & Co. understands this unique excitement, of course. A brand synonymous with New York City elegance and energy, its 5th Avenue flagship is known for its iconic holiday window displays. This year, however, they’ve chosen to spread the love downtown as well, with a delightful West Village pop-up shop that is quite the hidden gem.

Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

According to Tiffany & Co., the space, which is located on the corner of Bank Street and West 4th (a quintessentially New York locale), was imagined through the eyes of the jeweler’s legendary designer, Jean Schlumberger. I observed his opulent influence during my first visit to the shop a few weeks ago. Upon entering, I was transported through 3 rooms—one with ethereal clouds, and another with surreally dotted stars and lights. The final room, a jewel-toned space complete with an oversized jewelry-filled snow globe, is reached by walking through a faux bookcase.

Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

Of course, in all of the rooms, visitors will find brilliant jewelry for sale (or just for ogling), from Tiffany classics by Schlumberger himself to its newer Knot collection. The space is open now and will remain until January 8th, 2022. I recommend checking it out for a dose of holiday fantasy and cheer.