Victoria Beckham Declares, “It's Flares!”

Victoria Beckham wearing all yellow
Photo by Robert Kamau/GC via Getty Images

No one wears Victoria Beckham’s eponymous label quite like Victoria Beckham herself. Posh Spice is back in New York City—and, evidently, ready for spring. The designer has so far stuck to sunny yellow separates while on the go, uptown at her hotel and downtown for lunch at Soho’s Bar Pitti. Like Beyoncé, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Kendall Jenner before her, Beckham is embracing monochrome. And if her past few looks are any indication, Beckham is also over skinny jeans. There isn’t a single pair in her latest collection, nor, it seems, in the wardrobe she packed for her trip across the pond.

Beckham went with light yellow for her monochrome look. As for how she achieved such a wide flair—on the bottom, anyway; you aren’t about to catch her in JNCOs—her pants featured slits up the cuffs. The feature, with she has described as “puddling on the floor,” also offered a better view of her towering platform heels. The rest of her outfit came courtesy of her label, too: She wore a long-sleeved top with ruffled cuffs and a wool “banana blazer”—a bold choice for sunny New York, where it hit 85 degrees. Naturally, a Birkin bag topped it all off.

Surprisingly, Beckham actually has worn the same top twice since arriving to New York. The evening saw her pair it with a rare casual garment: wide-legged, tastefully paint-splattered bell bottom jeans. It’s actually a toned-down version of another top from her spring 2021 collection which also features ruffles down the front. Beckham had been considering it, but she isn’t getting back to IRL presentations just yet. “If I’m being very honest, the pandemic has really affected my business,” the designer recently said in a refreshingly candid interview. “Doing fashion shows costs a lot of money.” Of course, fashion films cost money, too—that’s why she tapped just four models and cut down from 43 to 21 looks.

Victoria Beckham leaving her hotel in New York City on May 26, 2021.

Photo by Gotham/GC via Getty Images

Beckham isn’t alone in embracing the flare, nor looking back to the 1970s. “I was not doing an elasticated waist and leggings [in lockdown],” she told Vogue. “In lockdown, I was wearing a lot of denim, a lot of t-shirts, shirts.” In fact, she hasn’t designed skinny jeans in more than a year.