AirPods Pro Earbuds Are Coming—Here’s How To Dress Them Up


AirPods. They’re the ubiquitous aural accessory of the day (and the foreseeable future). You see them everywhere from jet bridges at LAX to subway cars in NYC, and in a great many ears in between. Today, Apple confirmed the release of the rumored noise-canceling AirPods Pro. This premium edition will be available on October 30, with a pre-order option starting today. How can something with less than one percent lobe coverage provide noise-canceling capabilities, you might wonder? Apple has updated these particular AirPods with microphones that detect external sounds, which the earbuds nullify in turn. Cool, (anti) buzzy tech aside, AirPods on their own are not exactly a style statement. However, they can be when paired with a minimalist silver stud or a sapphire-and-ruby moment. Here, W’s picks for the chicest AirPods Pro earring accoutrements on the market. While you’re blocking out the noise, they’ll do all the talking.


Cartier’s Trinity earrings are the jewelry equivalent to your favorite song—they make everything better and never get old.

Jemma Wynne

Two classic jewelry staples, diamonds and pearls, combined into one from Jemma Wynne.

Tiffany & Co.

Turn the volume up with these diamonds-circled-by-diamonds from Tiffany & Co.

Sophie Buhai

Not your standard studs, from Sophie Buhai.

Irene Neuwirth

Blush-colored Rose of France, a type of amethyst, goes nicely with Apple white.


Mismatched and magnificent, with diamonds and rose gold.

Kavant & Sharart

Music to listen to with your AirPods Pro earbuds while wearing these earrings: P!nk, Pink Floyd, or Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint.