How to Detox From the Holidays Like a Model

Natasha and Isabelle wearing red and black Christian Siriano dresses

Between constant travel, a few extra glasses of wine, and copious amounts of comfort food, the holidays can leave you feeling a little blah when all is said and done. And while indulging with friends and family is a big part of why we look forward to this time of year, there’s no reason why weeks of eating, drinking, and being merry need to end in bloating, sluggishness, and a less-than-radiant complexion. We asked 12 models to spill their wellness secrets (hint: It involves a lot of H2O) on how they keep their glowing complexion—advice that is especially apt during a much-needed holiday detox. Here, their tips on how to feel your best from the inside out this holiday season.

Cindy Crawford

“Water, water, water.”

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Rachel Hilbert

“I like water with lemon. That’s my go-to; I always drink water. I love green tea with honey and lemon.”

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Blanca Padilla

“Ginger and fermented foods. They help your skin, your immune system, and your gut!”

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Lily Aldridge

“I love great tea and my meals from Sakara Life!”

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Mayowa Nicholas

“I would say just to drink lots of water and eat clean. When you eat clean, it kind of shows in your skin and in your body, and you want everything to work together.”

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Carolyn Murphy

“My midwife introduced me to WiseWays Detox Bath Crystals—great after flights.”

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Sasha Kichigina

“People underestimate the power of a good sleep.”

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Naomi Campbell

“I stay away from sugar and drink lots of water.”

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Lili Sumner

“I take an arsenal of maca powder, turmeric, chlorophyll drops, probiotics, and of course vitamin C.”

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Adriana Lima

“Carry fennel tea with you or eat cucumbers to help de-bloat when traveling.”

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Duckie Thot

“Plenty of water, enough sleep, clean diet, and exercise.”

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Arizona Muse

“I drink [apple cider vinegar] with water, so probably one tablespoon with one big glass of water, and it makes a huge difference with everything.”

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