The Kardashians’ Wrinkles Tops Lindsay Lohan-Turned-Queen Elizabeth For Weirdest Celebrity Instagram of the Week

Courtesy of @kourtneykardash

You may have had some trouble recognizing the celebrities who usually turn up on your Instagram feed this week. Rather than outfitted in one of the family’s typical vintage Jean Paul Gaultier ensembles, for example, Kim Kardashian turned up in a furry black robe and a fresh set of wrinkles, whereas Drew Barrymore’s method acting transformed her into a naked man clutching onto his freshly skinned face in despair. Likewise, only early aughts experts would have been able to recognize Lindsay Lohan in Paris Hilton’s recreation of an infamous paparazzi snapshot, which featured an uncannily realistic lookalike of Britney Spears and an uncannily Queen Elizabeth II-like stand-in for LiLo. Meanwhile, while they were all playing dress up, Martha Stewart set aside time to document the process of bathing her cats, and Reese Witherspoon admired some of her favorite watercolor fan art. See how they all came together with the Jonas Brothers to keep Hollywood weird, here.


No, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian have not finally downloaded AgingBooth; Kim has simply convinced her older sis to join her in freaking people out with her face mask routine.


This is a painting by the contemporary Chinese artist Xue Jiye. It is also, according to Drew Barrymore, a depiction of feeling fulfilled by her career.


Look at the poorly made white banner the Jonas brothers strung across a sad, brightly lit, yet nonetheless confetti-strewn studio with a (guitar?) cable to announce their return in an an oversized Arial take on Amy Adams’s whiteboard in Arrival.


Professional parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don’t just play house; they head to Rick Rubins’s recording studio in Malibu to sit in, and photograph themselves, eating cereal.


“No the cats were not drugged prior to bathing,” reads Martha Stewart’s reassuring caption to this charmingly blurry photo of one of her many pets, a calico Persian cat named Princess Peony. “They just love being in water!”


In 2006, Paris Hilton was photographed piled into the front seat of a car alongside Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. And in 2019, Paris Hilton was photographed piled into the front seat of a car alongside a professional Britney Spears impersonator, and a very regal interpretation of how Lindsay Lohan has matured over the past 13 years.


Reese Witherspoon more than approves of this watercolor representation of herself playing June Carter in 2005’s Walk the Line—as does, no doubt, one Lisa Frank.


Dior’s ideal woman—a 39-foot-tall robot—is back, and she just might devour Drew Barrymore.