The Weirdest Celebrity Instagrams of the Week, From Kris Jenner’s Dip Into the Uncanny Valley to Jessica Simpson’s Swollen Foot

Every day, another celebrity posts something so startlingly strange that you have to do a double take when you see it. This week, such Instagram shenanigans took place on the feeds of Kris Jenner, Jessica Simpson, John Travolta and more. From Simpson’s swollen foot to Jenner’s eerily similar visual rebrand, celebrities had no qualms about wilding out on social media over the past seven days. It almost makes you wonder when everyone will start to revert back to the old days, when it was all TBTs and sunsets, or pictures of breakfast. Sure, that stuff still exists, and everyone peppers that content into the feed here and there, but when you have Candice Bergen breaking from her usual hand-painted Birkin bag promotion to showing off a painting of a flower that looks like a vagina with a finger inside of it, you might realize that your Instagram is tame in comparison to those accounts belonging to the A-list. Find the weirdest of the week on Instagram, here.

Photo by @bergenbags.

Switching from her usual content promoting her hand painted Birkin bags, Candice Bergen decided to break form and share a painting of a woman’s hands fingering a flower that looks almost identical to a vagina, with the caption, “Okay. And we’re back at Goop.”

Photo by @victoriabeckham.

Who knew Victoria Beckham was such a Pokémon fan? This limited edition plush black Pikachu, probably.

Photo by @mssarahcatherinepaulson.

It’s not that Sarah Paulson necessarily looks weird—she actually looks like a chic emoji in that flame-printed Prada dress, all by her lonesome—in this photo. It’s her caption that might give one pause: “Is it still a fireside chat if I’m talking to myself?”

Photo by @jessicasimpson.
Photograph by @kimkardashian.

All Kim Kardashian wanted for the New Year was some grills for her two front teeth, apparently.

Photo by @kathygriffin.

Kathy Griffin took her followers on a trip down memory lane with a quote she gave to a magazine in 2001 about how her recent discovery of the Palm Pilot makes her feel like she’s George Jetson.

Photo by @realmikejfox.

At 57 years old, Michael J. Fox got his very tattoo, and did the very millennial thing of sharing it on the gram. He did not, however, give an explanation as to why he chose a black ink drawing of a sea turtle swimming in a body of water.

Photo by @grimes.

It’s difficult to classify anything Grimes does as just plain “weird” now that she has essentially become the poster child for the truly, unexplainably bizarre (like dating Elon Musk, and maybe unwittingly trapping Azealia Banks in his house), but also, whenever Grimes posts a regular selfie, it’s the fact that she did something seemingly “normal” that makes it so weird. That, and the fact that in her caption she claimed to feel that she looks like Lestat, the vampire from the Interview with a Vampire franchise.

Photo by @johntravolta.

While many are praising John Travolta for his new look (he shaved his head bald), few are addressing the fact that he now looks eerily similar to the olive sitting inside of his martini glass.


Lil Miquela may have some competition on her hands. This photo of Kris Jenner is so startlingly uncanny that she appears to be serving up some sort of Sims realness. Of course, the eagle eyed administrators behind Diet Prada pointed out that the momager’s January 2019 visual rebrand is reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s October 2018 look. She’ll take that ten percent however she can.