Lindsay Lohan’s Unexplained “Blessed Moment” Tops This Week’s Weirdest Celebrity Instagrams

Photo by @lindsaylohan.

You can always count on a handful of celebrities to use Instagram in ways that are funny, daring, unexplainable, or simply out of control. Every week, it would appear that someone with a very large sphere of influence has one-upped their celebrity counterparts with a strange and unexpected post. Selfies, sponcon, and callouts galore litter that main feed day in and day out, but this week, there were quite a few contenders for who posted the weirdest content on their personal Instagram. Martha Stewart gave us all we ever wanted with a photograph of herself sitting—no, lounging—on Santa’s lap, and Nick Jonas offered up quite the overshare when he posted a photo to commemorate the anniversary of his brother Kevin and sister-in-law Danielle, only to turn it into a revelation about the zit that appeared on his forehead during their wedding day. But neither of those could top the unforeseen selfie the always put-together Julianne Moore shared apropos of seemingly nothing, or the absolutely bonkers Simpsons-esque rendition of Justin and Hailey Bieber, or even Lindsay Lohan’s unexplained “blessed moment” with Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep from god knows when. Maybe it was just a regular week for Hollywood, but for the rest of us, this stuff is pretty entertaining, and definitely weird. Here, a look at some of the strangest celebrity Instagrams of this week.

Photo by @marthastewart48.

You have to love Martha Stewart for looking extremely comfortable while reclining on Santa’s lap, drink in hand, and shoe pointed out. No one else does Christmas like Stewart, and no one really does Instagram like the icon, either.

Photo by @lindsaylohan.

This totally unprompted photograph of three legends—Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, and Lindsay Lohan—was accompanied by the caption “What a blessed moment ❤️.” What a blessed moment, indeed. Was this the first and last time these three were ever photographed together? Where was this photograph even taken? When was it taken? As per usual, Lohan leaves us with more questions than answers, and that’s okay.

Photo by @juliannemoore.

Academy Award winner Julianne Moore just straight up posted a photograph of herself with some sort of filter to make her appear as if she has bushier eyebrows and facial hair, and captioned it with, “Yes it’s me.” Truthfully, if she hadn’t clarified that it was indeed her in the photograph, would anyone have clocked that this was Moore?

Photo by @diane_keaton.

This Babadook meets Yayoi Kusama moment happening on Diane Keaton’s Instagram page is definitely not the weirdest thing she has ever posted on that app, but this week it was one of the weirder things to scroll past on Instagram. She seems to be really into hiding her face online lately.

Photo by @blonded.

Frank Ocean—whose Instagram only recently went public—usually posts thirst traps and funny quips. He also posted this weird object that could presumably be classified as furniture and gave no explanation but a caption that reads “future of the world.” Very on brand.

Photo by @dylan.mcdermott.

Dylan McDermott wants to know if he is too old to sit on Santa’s lap, and if you ask Martha Stewart the answer is probably no, you’re never too old. But if you ask everyone else (Santa included), the answer is probably yes.

Photo by @justinbieber.

An iconic paparazzi shot of Justin Bieber just before he married Hailey Bieber (she was still going by her maiden name, Baldwin, back then) was turned into a Simpsons-esque cartoon by an artist named Stefano Monda. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got the Simpsons treatment and shared it on Instagram, too. Most people weren’t expecting this, but maybe the intersection of The Simpsons fans and Bieber fans didn’t mind.

Photo by @bryancranston.

Thank you, Bryan Cranston, for dressing up as Santa Claus for a Late Show with Stephen Colbert holiday special and sharing this haunting selfie taken in the green room. Walter White who?