Orange Is the New Black: Sunset Shadow Is the Summer’s Chicest Shade

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Though Billie Eilish makes a strong case for slime green, it’s bright, citrine shadow that’s popped up on the eyelids of celebrities, makeup artists and models alike this summer with surprising regularity. Kim Kardashian debuted a orange-hued “Sooo Fire” makeup line last week, but she isn’t the only Kardashian to cosign the trend—Kylie Jenner offered a more subdued take back in May, matching her shadow to her Julien Macdonald dress. At Pitchfork Music Festival, Rico Nasty continued to provide some of the most innovative beauty looks in the game with a bold take on this Hi-C color. Earlier this summer, Margot Robbie coordinated her nails to her sherbert shadow and lipstick, but it’s clear she and Pati DuBroff have decided orange is here to stay with a fresh twist at the premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood this week. Makeup artist mainstays Nam Vo, Patrick Ta and Katie Jane Hughes all also offered stunning variations, trying their hands at a sweet melon, bright carrot and smokey ochre shades respectively. From Rico’s high-octane tangerine to Lizzo’s subtle take , all the inspiration you need to try out the summer’s juiciest eyeshadow hue, here.


Margot Robbie and makeup artist Pati DuBroff have been on an orange kick during her Once Upon a Time in Hollywood press tour.


Speaking of, Pati DuBroff took to Instagram to share some of her swatching and a glossy orange eye. Photo courtesy of Instagram.


Rico Nasty rocked neon orange makeup by Scott Osbourne Jr. in Chicago. Photo courtesy of Instagram.


Patrick Ta created a diffused look on Christina Nadin. Photo courtesy of Instagram.


Kim Kardashian continued to tout her newest sunset palette. Photo courtesy of Instagram.


Katie Jane Hughes offered a brighter take on the smokey eye in shimmery ginger. Photo courtesy of Instagram.


Lizzo let her ponytail take center stage but look closer and you’ll see a little peek of amber on the eyes. Photo courtesy of Instagram.


“Glow job” expert Nam Vo shared a fresh-faced approach, pairing the eyeshadow with a cantaloupe lip. Photo courtesy of Instagram.


Kylie Jenner coordinated her entire look back in May. Photo courtesy of Instagram.