Girl’s Night Out

Petra Collins's Wmag Art Basel Instagram Series

In a short Insta-series for Art Basel Miami Beach, the photographer Petra Collins—known for her sexually charged images that celebrate the female form, such as the close up of her own unshaven bikini line that got her kicked off of the social media site in 2013—captures her roommates for the weekend—Me and You fashion designers Mayan Toledano and Julia Baylis, and artist Carlotta Kohl—getting ready at their hotel.


@PetraFCollins, @ThisIsMayan and @OtherGirl_Julia getting ready for their first night in Miami at @TheStandard.

Photographer: Petra Collins

@PetraFCollins, @OtherGirl_Julia and@ThisIsMayan getting ready in their installation at @TheStandard, “Literally Bye.”