The Weirdest Celebrity Instagrams of the Week, From Chris Hemsworth Taking Flight to Cristiano Ronaldo Bathing in Dirt

Courtesy of @chrishemsworth

This week proved that Lindsay Lohan and Martha Stewart aren’t the only celebrities you can count on to get strange on their Instagram feeds. Take, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo, aka the most followed person on the app, who shared his quite different take of a wild night on Friday via a photo of himself underneath an artificial starry sky, staring off into space and reclining in a bathtub apparently filled with dirt. His post was particularly welcome amidst the flood of cold weather or vacation photos shared over the last few days, though Chris Hemsworth and Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) did manage to make their dispatches of their own getaways more interesting than most. See for yourself, along with a few more valiant contributions from Chris Pratt, Jennifer Garner, and Joe Jonas, here.

Courtesy of @cristiano

Is that water… brown? Are those stars… fake? Is that… Cristiano Ronaldo? Yes, yes, and… yes.

Courtesy of @jennifer.garner

What’s stranger: that a Blogspot once speculated as to why Jennifer Garner would have been sneezing on two occasions, or that Garner was apparently perusing said Blogspot’s post, which dates back to 2009?

Courtesy of @lindsaylohan

In between dutifully publicizing her new show on MTV, Lindsay Lohan transported her followers to Dhonfanu, an island in the Maldives, to share this koan: “Life is Life.” (As illustrated by the water bottle photo bomb.)

Courtesy of @prattprattpratt

Seeing as Chris Pratt is just coming off 21 days of a prayer-themed fast, we’re going to give him a pass on bragging about how his “ewe (female sheep)” took home a blue ribbon from the yarn fest “Fiberpalooza.” (Hopefully she doesn’t follow the same fate of his lamb, who he announced that he ate a few weeks ago.)

Courtesy of @haileybieber

While finding some driftwood on the beach, Hailey Baldwin appears to unfortunately have lost her arm.

Courtesy of @chrishemsworth

Chris Hemsworth, for his part, appears to have spent a portion of his vacation attempting to fly.

Courtesy of @joejonas

A full year after he first accused Barbie of copying his likeness (circa Camp Rock), Joe Jonas proved that his döppelganger is still very much on his mind.

Courtesy of @jessicabiel

Perhaps this throwback to their “days of … underwater photo shoots” is Jessica Biel’s payback for Justin Timberlake posting a video of her sleeping earlier this week.