April Horoscope: How to Harness Main Character Energy This Month

Astrologer Indigo Witt shares an incisive look at how each of the signs can take control of their lives in April.

by Indigo Witt

Vintage illustration of Italian Month Signs, April, 1910
Photo by Found Image Holdings/Corbis via Getty Images

Welcome to W magazine’s monthly astrology forecast. We’ll be bringing a rotating catalog of the most talked-about young astrologers into the fold this year, allowing each personality to give their outlook on what’s to come for all of the signs. Next up: Indigo Witt, an insightful astrologer and content creator who has cultivated a significant following for her incisive and thoughtful readings.

Hi, I’m Indi! I’m honored to bring you the April horoscopes for W magazine. This month is highly impactful and energized, with Mars entering Cancer and a solar new moon eclipse in Aries taking place around April 20. Many of us are feeling sensitive after the massive astrological shifts that occurred in March, with Saturn entering Pisces and Pluto entering Aquarius. For April, however, the stars are asking us to dig deep and pour faith into what the future holds. Good luck, y’all!


Aries, happy birthday! Expect the month of April to be highly significant, for you will be calling your power back. In case you’ve forgotten, you are the main character, dear. This month asks you to focus on your direction in life, since cycles are ending—specifically, within your career. The solar eclipse in your sign on the 19th is the catalyst toward expansive beginnings, fated events, and transformations. This will guide you to reach your highest potential when it comes to living in your truth and being in the spotlight. Keep your eye on the prize.


Taurus, this month is a highly abundant time for you—so be sure to tap in! The theme for April is centered on how you express creativity and nurture yourself. It may be time to turn inward and make breakthroughs surrounding your spirituality. You’re taking bold steps and claiming your own authority by growing out of stagnancy, which might encourage you to reconnect with your roots (family included). It’s out with the old and in with the new, Taureans, while you make space for all this growth to attract different sorts of energy into your life. Be aware of the mercury retrograde in your sign later this month—you might get a little tongue tied!


Dynamic Geminis, it’s full speed ahead for you this April. Now that Mars has finally moved out of your sign and entered Cancer, the hard work and dedication you’ve been putting in lately will finally pay off. The full moon in Libra will allow an old chapter in love to end, and possibly a new romantic cycle to begin. April is your green light to start whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do, and reestablish your main character role. This is an uplifting metamorphosis, one which propels you towards a complete rediscovery of your belief systems; it’s also a wonderful time to clarify your goals. Geminis, you’re focused on expanding your energy to achieve new heights in your social life as well as your career. And we love to see it!


This month is exciting for you, tenacious crabs—there’s a new energy boost with Mars entering your sign. This is the bold, determined, empowering energy that you’ve been waiting for! Your career is expanding this month, and you can expect eye-opening, positive changes surrounding long-term or short-term goals. April is an important opportunity to remove what is no longer in your highest good and saying goodbye to what does not serve you. Increasing love and intimacy are the biggest focus for this month, and remember—vulnerability is a good thing. It allows you to feel more connected to others as you open up your heart, learn from refreshing perspectives, and focus on building new connections and friendships.


Get ready for good news, because surprising opportunities are coming your way. Leos are being encouraged this month to focus on self-love and improving a sense of self or value. You may experience sudden changes and tests in your relationships; this energy is about creating a harmonious balance between your hopes and dreams and living authentically for yourself. Your close relationships/social groups are being highlighted and strengthened at this time. You’re learning how to liberate yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone. Remember to write your ideas down.


Virgos, there’s unexpected success coming your way. You’re ready to get serious about discovering a sense of purpose this season, so be open to receiving all the blessings and fortune in store. Check in with your support system. Your public life and career will experience boosts and important shifts in April. Go for it. Let people help you. This month is growth-oriented, so focus on leveling up and finding more compassion for yourself. Virgos may notice a piqued interest in traveling, spirituality, soulmate connections, and philosophy around this time.


This is an exciting month for you, Libra, with important events and new pursuits underway. The scales are finally balancing in your favor. For April, focus on shedding your skin, broadening your perspective, and letting go of old goals to make way for a promising future. You’re going to be thinking about transformation, standing your ground, and new insights into how you understand your identity. The full moon in your sign is all about hitting refresh. Libra, you can expect to focus on matters of the heart and learning from others. Your relationships are going through a massive realignment.


This month will feel like a much-needed fresh start. Scorpio, there’s a heavy weight being lifted: you’re being honest about facing your fears and finding solutions right now. This is exactly what the doctor ordered. Whatever you’ve been trying to let go of is finally off your shoulders. There are also some positive changes surrounding your work endeavors. You’re hitting the jackpot and completely starting anew. You’re being encouraged to focus on healing, upgrading your mind-set, and taking risks that will propel you on an emotional level. Slay!


Sagittarius, this moment is all about moving forward on an exhilarating journey. Beautiful memories will be made this month. You are focused on deepening your connections. The solar eclipse is extremely fulfilling for you, as you’re learning and teaching yourself new skills surrounding healing, which will completely transform your life. Your social and love life positively come front and center, which changes your style of communicating and self-expression. Sagittarius, you can expect to slow down, dig deep, strengthen your spirit, and experience breakthroughs.


Capricorn, there is important inner work to be done this month. Consider refurbishing your home and investing in some self-care. You’re also focusing on welcoming positive, passionate, transformational energy. When it comes to your hobbies, projects, and career, you’re thinking about how you can stand out. It’s all about feeling content, keeping your best interest at heart, exploring what you love to do, and entering new commitments in your relationships—and possibly, a new living situation. A conversation with a close friend or family member will be of much help to you right now.


You’re finally feeling like the artistic block is over. Your creativity is improving—let that sink in! Have you considered writing a memoir, Aquarius? Because this month will give you some interesting stories to share. You’re focused on rebirth in April; get ready, because your whole life is about to change. You’re facing your shadows and blossoming into a new version of yourself. I encourage you to focus on your intentions, reframe your perspective, accept new love, and be more intentional, emotionally speaking. This energy means you are releasing self-limiting beliefs and embracing new responsibilities.


Pisces are exploring discernment and boundaries this month. These steps you’re taking will help you evolve. April will bring new, expansive activities; exciting cycles, and wake-up calls. You are ready to start doing things differently—expect your goals for the future to be under review, as well as the kinds of friendships you’ve got. Aries season strongly encourages you to focus on releasing patterns that are self-sabotaging. Remember to trust the process and the universe to guide you on the right path. If it doesn’t feel right anymore, or you’ve had a change of heart, that is okay, dear Pisces!