March Horoscope: How to Manifest Your Goals for Spring

by Nia McDow

Depiction of the vernal equinox. Getty Images.
Depiction of the vernal equinox. Getty Images.

Welcome to W magazine’s monthly astrology forecast. We’ll be bringing a rotating catalog of the most talked-about young astrologers into the fold this year, allowing each personality to give their outlook on what’s to come for all of the signs. Next up: Nia McDow, whose horoscope TikToks capture the personality traits and idiosyncrasies of the signs, with a pop culture-centric, humorous bent.

Hi, I'm Nia! I’m super excited that W asked me to deliver the astrology forecast for March. This month holds the most transits of 2023, which is super important—because for many of you, March will change the trajectory of the next few years of your life. Mark your calendars for March 7th, as Saturn moves into Pisces, as well as a Virgo full moon on that day. This will lead to more discipline and focus on your work. Mars also moves out of Gemini and into Cancer this month—we can finally kiss that oscillating aggression goodbye. Remember to check your rising sign for the most accurate prediction, and enjoy the month ahead, which is full of possibilities.


This March, you will be glowing with confidence, dear Aries. The month begins with a Jupiter Chiron conjunct in Aries, bringing a wave of opportunistic energy. With Saturn moving into Pisces this month, you will be putting in a considerable amount of hard work towards your goals. There is a theme of reflection as well, and moving into environments that make you happiest (it could be through your career, or in a home setting). On March 20th, we have the start of your season, followed by an empowering Aries new moon. This new moon, I encourage you to set your intentions for any goals you’d like to achieve this year, as this energy is great for manifesting.


With Saturn entering Pisces on the 7th, I encourage you to push yourself to get out there and socialize. Your energy will attract new people who can provide you with a creative perspective. On the 16th, Venus will be entering into its home sign of Taurus. This is a super comfortable transit, and the energy will help you in your love life and relationship sector. Your support system is predicted to grow this month—don’t be afraid to rely on the people who love you, especially when you feel you need a shoulder to lean on.


Gemini placements: you are so lucky this month. You have been suffering a turbulent and confusing time for a while now, but there is a shift in store for March. Focus on your goals and career at the moment, then possibly start a new skill or hobby, because this Saturn transition and full moon in Virgo occurring on the 7th of March will push you toward your vision. Mars is also finally moving out of Gemini this month—so you’ll feel a wave of relaxation coming to you on or around March 25th.


With the beginning of March being in your sister sign, Pisces, you may feel more emotional during the beginning of the month. Your communication with others will have more depth, and you will find yourself avoiding small talk more than usual. On the 25th, Mars will be entering your sign, after being in Gemini for quite some time. You may find yourself handling conflict with a more passive aggressive and avoidant tone. Remember to take a deep breath—this will pass.


This month may feel like a rollercoaster, with an incredible high in the beginning. You will start the month feeling super confident; use that energy to achieve any goal you have set for yourself. Work hard in the beginning, so that you can relax towards the middle, and pick back up as you move into the end of the month. During Pisces season, you may feel more emotional and be more inclined to keep to yourself, tapping into dormant hermit tendencies deep within you. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself ending important relationships, or thinking about which relationships are worth your time and energy.


Love is in the air this month for you. A lot of you are either in a relationship currently or about to meet someone new. This is a long-term journey you are about to take. I encourage you to keep yourself open and vulnerable. There may be a feeling of rockiness around March 7th, as Saturn moves into Pisces and a full moon in Virgo. Unanswered questions will come to the surface, and some secrets may be revealed. But if you continue to keep true to yourself, you have nothing to worry about.


This month, you are thriving. The analytical energy of this Saturn transit does not disturb your peace. In fact, it will motivate you to work harder. You will feel very comfortable during this March’s energy. Manifest your dreams and goals during the Aries new moon on the 20th and enjoy this smooth transition from February to March!


I encourage you to evaluate your communication skills this month. Tell others how you feel about them, how they make you feel, and evaluate those around you, specifically with your family and home environment. (If you live alone, this may translate to how you communicate internally.) Find healthy ways to be able to get your thoughts across this month. It will benefit you tremendously.


Sagittarius, I know you don’t like to be emotional; you prefer to show everyone your happy side and often suppress your emotions. This month, I encourage you to work on letting yourself feel through the emotional portion of this month while the sun is in Pisces. You’ll become more understanding about where you want to be in the future as the sun moves into Aries. This will prepare you to manifest during this abundant Aries new moon on the 21st, and propel you into success.


March is the month of self-love for you, Capricorn. Lately, you have been dealing with self-deprecating thoughts and really putting yourself down. You are known for how hardworking and resourceful you are; however, you have a hard time asking for help from others. You are the support that others need, but try to remember to support yourself as well. Do not be afraid of acknowledging when you need help. Reach out to those around you, as they want to be there for you.


The month of March will be all about connecting to your subconscious side. Your questions may be answered in dreams, or through your imagination. If you’ve had a big decision on your mind, the direction you may need to take will be answered this month. Analyze your thoughts and listen to what your mind is telling you. You may also see yourself cutting back on things that make you feel cluttered (whether it’s people or material items). Anything that feels like it is clouding your vision must go—now!


Pisces, you have an exciting month ahead. As Mercury moves into your sign on the second, notice how you communicate. It will be more in-depth and emotional. There may also be a heightened sense of delusion around your ideas and thoughts. Once Saturn moves into Pisces, focus a lot on aligning yourself through movement—meditation and yoga may become your best friend this month. Give your body some time in the water: take a trip to the ocean or even draw a relaxing bath for yourself at the end of the day. Saturn energy revolves around responsibility and structure, which feels foreign to the Piscean. Take everything slowly, but make sure to not procrastinate.