August Horoscope: How to Withstand a Tricky Retrograde Season

by Cole Prots

Illustration by Ashley Peña

Welcome to W magazine’s monthly astrology forecast. We’ll be bringing a rotating catalog of the most talked-about young astrologers into the fold this year, allowing each personality to give their outlook on what’s to come for all of the signs. Next up: Cole Prots, AKA @jkitscole, who combines his deep astrological knowledge with a healthy dose of sass and realness for his nearly 4 million followers on TikTok and Instagram.

Hi, icons and legends! It’s Cole, and I’m here to share some cosmic insights for the month of August. Brace yourselves, because this month is going to be quite a ride. As we head into retrograde season, by the end of August, all the planets (except Mars, Jupiter, the Sun, and the Moon) will be retrograding. So it’s time to slow things down a bit and let the stars guide us.

August starts with a bang as we get a powerful full moon in Aquarius on the 1st. It’s time to let go of those expectations we place on ourselves to be everyone’s superhero; remember, it’s about finding a balance between personal growth and looking out for the gang.

On the 16th, a lovely new moon in Leo lights up the sky, giving us a chance to follow our hearts and passions. Get ready for that “aha” moment during the Venus retrograde. You’ll rediscover what makes your heart sing with joy. Go ahead and chase the dreams that feel right for you, even if they raise some eyebrows. Trust your gut and take that unique path meant just for you.

Later in the month, on the 23rd, Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo. Time to take a breather and reflect on your journey. Picture life as a spontaneous road trip—sometimes, the destination isn’t crystal clear. Reflecting on the little things will be your GPS for this retrograde season.

As we near the end of August, Uranus goes retrograde, and a powerful super moon in Pisces takes the stage. Dive deep into introspection and let go of anything holding you back. Embrace creativity and empathy like never before. If you’re up for a new adventure, this full moon will guide your way. Embrace the unexpected, because it can lead to some seriously amazing transformations.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the sign-by-sign horoscope—and make sure to view your sun, moon, and rising signs for a full picture of what’s to come this month.


August is all about gaining a fresh perspective on how you view the world and approach your goals. The key to success during this upcoming retrograde season is to take things slow and steady. Yes, I know—that might sound a bit odd for your go-getter Aries energy, but trust me, it’s crucial!

You’ve got an important task ahead: take a good look at all the things that occupy your time daily—your work, possessions, and routine. Throughout August, I want you to find new ways to carve out time for yourself—time to relax, calm down, and simply be still. Embrace the power of balance, Aries! Give yourself the space to recharge, and you’ll find that your ambitious nature will flourish even more effectively.


This month, you might notice some shifts and changes happening in your relationships. Toward the end of the month, you might even feel a bit disconnected from your usual social circle. It’s totally normal. Take this opportunity to reassess who you’re spending time with—not because you don’t like these people, but because you might be going through some internal changes, and your interests and values could be evolving. It’s all about identifying with yourself in a new way.

To keep things balanced, make sure to infuse love and passion back into your home life and hobbies. Avoid becoming a total shut-in, though! Get out there and have some fun. But don’t hesitate to step away from things that no longer bring you joy, whether it’s a person, a job, or an activity. It’s all about prioritizing your happiness and growth.


You might find yourself feeling a bit antsy and restless come August 1st, like you can’t quite find that stability to keep you grounded. (Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.) Your current living situation might not be giving you that cozy, secure feeling you desire, and people might be confused by your desire for new forms of security. But don’t let it get to you! Embrace the chance to explore new interactions and redefine what safety and security mean to you.

Towards the end of the month, you might sense some career tension and feel like progress isn’t happening as fast as you’d like. Take a deep breath and be patient with yourself. Remember, it’s all about finding your own comfort and balance, Gemini. Embrace change and take it as a chance to grow.


Throughout this month, you might notice a shift in what you value compared to the people around you. It’s all good, and just a natural part of life.

Pay special attention to your possessions and financial achievements. Make sure they align with good intentions. As a nurturing and supportive Cancer, you love creating safe and comforting moments for yourself. But right now, be mindful of how you use your resources—whether they’re material, emotional, or social. Focus on conserving your efforts and resources, using only what’s truly necessary. It will pave the way for success in the long run. Be true to yourself, prioritize what truly matters, and nurture your journey to success.


The next 31 days are all about building toward releasing anything that’s been holding you back from experiencing deep and intimate connections. You’ve got some powerful energy at play, and it’s making you focus on what truly stimulates you in life.

But here’s the kicker: toward the end of the month, there’s a special cosmic moment to help you let go of any ego and stubbornness that might be getting in the way of forming meaningful bonds with others. It’s time to embrace self-acceptance and self-awareness without limiting your ability to be vulnerable and intimate.

So, let’s work on your social skills! You don’t have to force anyone to see you in a specific light. Instead, let your authentic self shine through and don’t worry about what others might think. This is your time to be true to yourself, Leo, and let those meaningful connections flourish.


Hey, Virgo: it’s almost your season, and you’re ready to shine! But hold on tight, because the upcoming retrogrades might put a little damper on your energy. Not to worry, though, I’ve got some guidance for you.

This month, the key is embracing autonomy through wisdom. You’re naturally inclined to support, heal, and help others. Now, the tea is you sometimes problem-solve for others to avoid your own issues—but not this month. Look inward and take time to examine how you can spice up your own self-care and support. It’s the perfect time to revisit that secret passion project and be more receptive rather than constantly active.

Let go of those external standards and focus on what truly makes you happy. This is your time to shine, with or without the spotlight. Embrace your wisdom and autonomy, and you’ll conquer anything that comes your way.


August is all about taking a step back from the usual expectations and material responsibilities. Instead, dive into a deeper sense of emotional and spiritual sensitivity. It’s time to let go of things that no longer serve or benefit you.

I highly recommend journaling, meditation, and yoga throughout August. These practices will help break down walls you might not even know are there. Be intentional about how you spend your time and with whom you spend it. Do’'t overexert yourself just to uphold a certain image or lifestyle. This is your time to be slow, steady, and contemplative. Focus on what truly fulfills you on a deeper emotional level. Take it easy, Libra, and embrace the journey within. You’ve got this.


Dear Scorpio, this month bears an intriguing tone—it’s all about letting go of past relationships and the old ways you used to present yourself in romantic encounters. The energy is stirring up not just your social life, but also your home and reputation. There might be some image or standard that doesn't align with the true you, and it's time to let that go.

Take some time to reflect on the ups and downs in your romantic and professional life. Hold yourself accountable and make sure not to fall into the same old patterns. This is your time to break free and embrace a new, authentic you. No pressure to show up a certain way for others – just be yourself and put the passion back into your life.

So, Scorpio, let the past go and welcome the exciting new possibilities ahead. Have fun, be true to yourself, and let your passions guide you to a brighter future!


This month is all about finding that quintessential work-life balance. There might be some tension in your home, professional life, and daily activities, but don’t stress!

It’s important not to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of things. Let go of the need for everything to happen on a specific timeline. You might find yourself naturally drawn to experimenting and exploring new ways of existing. Or take some time to contemplate your comfort zones at home and work. Let that comfort be a source of motivation for positive change.

Be clear and direct about your desires in your professional life. You deserve recognition and support, so don’t hesitate to ask for it. Remember, this is your time to shine, diva! Find that balance, embrace change, and you’ll come out on top.


This month is all about reigniting those deep connections you have with others. Make sure you’re on the same page and explore new endeavors together or set clear boundaries if needed.

Communication is key, and it’s essential to be open, honest, and expressive about your feelings. There might be some confusion or hesitation, but don’t worry. Take this month to understand yourself better and also understand those closest to you. Foster strong relationships and ensure everyone is on the same page moving forward. Let those sparks fly and embrace the power of open communication. You’ll strengthen your connections and create meaningful experiences together.


August is here, and it’s time for deep reflection. Look at what’s holding you back from forming meaningful connections with loved ones. Be honest about any stubbornness or fixed values.

The full moon at the end of the month in your second house suggests letting go of some possessions and values. Make space for important people in your life. Examine the standards and expectations you set for yourself and others, and how they impact your relationships.

Here’s the trick: “microdose” vulnerability. Share small struggles instead of saying you’re always “fine.” These acts create deeper connections and mutual support. So, Aquarius, clear your path and embrace vulnerability. Break free from limitations, and foster enriching relationships.


Mercury retrograde alert: exes might try to come back, but no worries! It’s time to examine your connections and ensure symbiosis with those around you.

And also...let’s have some fun! Avoid monotonous routines, shed negative self-image, and let go of draining connections. You’ve got the power to remove what doesn’t serve you. Honor this energy by dancing around your room, being silly, and not caring about the opinions of others. Be patient with yourself and others, and stay focused. Find harmony in relationships and embrace what makes you happy. Dance away, Pisces, and make space for positivity in your life.