May Horoscope: Prepare for New Beginnings

by Bella Popa

An illustration of a person in a frily dress atop a bull, to harken to the taurus astrological sign
Illustration by Ashley Peña

Welcome to W magazine’s monthly astrology forecast. We’ll be bringing a rotating catalog of the most talked-about young astrologers into the fold this year, allowing each personality to give their outlook on what’s to come for all of the signs. Next up: Astro Bella Luna, whose background in acting makes for some highly entertaining zodiac readings on TikTok.

Hello! I’m Bella, AKA Astro Bella Luna, and I’m so grateful to be delivering you W magazine’s horoscopes for May 2023. We start off the month with a Mercury retrograde/eclipse season cocktail, as we’re still attempting to process the shifts brought on by the April 20th Aries eclipse. It may feel as though we are in a sort of astrological limbo until May 5th, when the full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio slaps us in the face with some deep hidden truths about what is no longer serving us. The good news is we’ll be given the opportunity to let go of those things—and when Mercury goes direct on the 14th, we’ll gain clarity on how to move forward. On May 16th, we’ll be rewarded for all our hard work as Jupiter enters Taurus and allows us to fully enjoy the physical pleasures of life. So bring on the healing and the blessings, May! Check your rising sign first for the most accurate reading.


You are embarking on a huge transformation of the self, and will be letting go of some old patterns and habits that are standing in the way of your growth. This might feel a bit painful, but the rewards will be well worth the effort. By the end of the month, you will begin to see your hard work pay off materially; your bank balance will start to reflect your inner transformation.


It’s your season, so all the attention will be on you—but with the eclipse happening in your 7th house of relationships, you may encounter some huge shifts within yourself. Truths about your partner and what you really need out of your union will be revealed. If you are single, a new love could come into your life. By the end of the month, you’ll experience a renewed sense of confidence and start radiating the type of energy that attracts real abundance into your life.


Something is changing within your work structure. You may realize that what you’re doing on the daily is not taking you in the direction of your dreams—you may have to shift your routines to align with the life you desire. Your connection to spiritual truth is expanding, and you will feel lighter by the end of the month. You may even decide to take a trip to a very healing destination.


A fated romantic encounter may inspire a new creative outlet for you. This exciting new form of expression could be very healing, as it could allow you to work through some stuff that you deserve to let go. When you tap into this creativity, you will begin to attract a lot of new and influential people in your life—and that will help you big-time on the path toward achieving your dreams.


There is a massive shift occurring in your home life. You may realize the place you live doesn’t feel like home anymore, and you could be ready for a move. You’ll be healing family wounds and releasing something painful from your past. The lighter energy you gain makes room for new and exciting career opportunities. You could reach new heights in your work this month, and receive recognition for it.


Your perspective and understanding of the world around you is changing. You may want to explore your writing talents now, because you have a lot to say and it will be healing to share those thoughts with others. You’ll feel inspired to either continue your education or travel the world—anything that contributes to the expansion of your mind will benefit you now, so book that trip or sign up for that class!


You’ll adapt a new and empowering perspective on money—letting go of worrying and being controlled by it. If you learn to fully eliminate these toxic ways of thinking, unexpected solutions that lead to more abundance will come to you. This could be something you experience with a partner—and you both can become very rich in the next year if you take all the right steps.


The Scorpio eclipse on the 5th directly affects you, more so than any other sign. You’ve been on a transformation journey for the past year and a half; this is the final shift you’ll experience to catapult you into a whole new life and fresh version of yourself. Your upgraded self could attract a very powerful love into your life, and if you’re already in a relationship, it will only make the bond with your partner stronger.


Something buried deep within you may come to the surface so that you can heal it and let go of it (finally). Taking the necessary time to rest and recover from this upgrade is crucial. By the end of the month, you’ll have so much energy you won’t know what to do with it. You will feel healthier and more productive than ever, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can actually get done.


You may realize that certain people in your life who you thought had your best interests in mind are actually toxic. Saying goodbye to them may hurt, but will actually benefit you in the long-term. You’ll begin to feel lighter after doing so, and you’ll find more opportunities to have fun and be creative. You may even meet a new romantic partner that will create a bubble of joy you haven’t experienced in a long time.


A huge career revelation is coming—in fact, your career could completely change directions this month. You’ll gain more clarity on what your passions are and learn to incorporate them into your work. Your advancements within your work life will create more harmony at home. You may decide to beautify your home or even move altogether.


You are becoming aware of certain limiting beliefs that you held on to for too long. It’s time to release them so you can adapt a new perspective that allows for more fulfilling opportunities. Your connection to spirituality is deepening and your mind will begin to reflect that. If you begin to share your thoughts through speaking, writing, and teaching sooner than later, more abundance will flow your way.