Alana Hadid Insists She Isn’t Competing With Her Sisters: “Being Famous Is Not Being a Success”

“We go shopping, we do a little cooking, we have a group chat.”

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Erik Voake

The stars of the Hadid family are, in no particular order, Bella, supermodel; Gigi, supermodel; Anwar, not-quite-supermodel; Yolanda, mama bear; and Mohamed, community service–doer. Then, there’s Alana Hadid, who’s a fashion designer and has been here all along but whom Grazia magazine, in a new interview, described as the “hidden Hadid.” (There’s a fifth Hadid scion—38-year-old Marielle—who also works in fashion and rarely, judging by available coverage, grants interviews.)

Alana is a big fan of Calabasas and collaborated with the Hadid patriarch on a sunglasses line—the aptly named Hadid Eyewear, whose styles have names like Passport Control and Nomad, because the one thing they all share, in addition to a last name, is their predilection for jetsetting.

But lest you get the wrong idea, the supposedly hidden Hadid is “not in competition with my sisters or brother,” she told Grazia in the interview. “We all have an innate work ethic and I feel successful—I do a lot of things that people perhaps don’t know about, as do my sisters. Being famous is not being a success.” (And, perhaps, the reverse is also true? Being successful does not necessarily mean fame?)

In fact, the Hadid siblings, as Alana tells it, are just like any other siblings. They share clothes—“I was just in New York and I definitely borrowed some of Gigi’s things,” Alana said, while Gigi “was wearing my line just the other day.” (Alana designed a tie-dyed denim jacket for La Detresse that reads “Famous Last Name” in block capitals across the back; Gigi Instagrammed a photo of herself wearing a couple of other similarly dyed pieces from the same line.) They all work in fashion—“it’s in the genes,” Alana said; they “go shopping”; they “do a little cooking”; and they even “have a group chat.”

“Regardless of Gigi and Bella’s fame, and how hard they’ve worked, we really are just sisters,” she said.