Fashionista reported on November 18 that the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show might be model Alessandra Ambrosio's last. Their sources? Unverified Twitter account @THEIMONATION, "A London based, anonymous fashion blogger," per their bio with over fourteen thousand followers, and the Instagram account @vsfs.daily, which posted a series of pictures of Ambrosio in victoria's Secret shows and a screenshot of what appears to be a Brazilian news article (Ambrosio is from Brazil) announcing that she would not renew her contract with the company. A preliminary Google search by an expert (uh, me) was unable to find this article (although the autor of the article, João Batista Jr., definitely exists insofar as I found his Twitter account. Suck it, Sherlock Holmes). So, what's the deal here?

First off, let's just establish that leaks do happen, and fan accounts often predict these sorts of announcements before more official sources will (neither Victoria's Secret nor Alessandra have issued a statement about her future at the company). Fan accounts speculated that Harry Styles would perform at the show and boom, he is. We're definitely not calling anyone out for reporting this as fast, or quasi-fact, or even just a strong rumor; we report rumors too. And this is a pretty believable rumor. Ambrosio's been in the show since 2005 and has recently taken on acting projects. She may be ready to move on. At 36, she is by no means old, but she is part of a generation of angels -- Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima -- who have moved on from the show. Kendall, Bella and Gigi rule the runway now.

But it's still worth wondering, if the queen of Pink really is retiring, how do these random bloggers know before anyone else? And besides anonymous fashion bloggers, who exactly runs accounts dedicated to...stanning Victoria's Secret? We've reached out to Victoria's Secret for comment.

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