Celebrity sightings at Glastonbury 2017

GLASTONBURY, ENGLAND – JUNE 23: Alexa Chung attends day one of Glastonbury on June 23, 2017 in Glastonbury, England. (Photo by David M Benett/Getty Images) Local Caption Alexa Chung

David M Benett

Alexa Chung will be the first one to say it: Kate Moss single handedly made Glastonbury festival style at thing. But if there is anyone who has mastered the muddy fashion just as well as Moss, it's Chung herself. The newly-minted designer has been hitting the English festival for several years, where her renowned, effortlessly cool style is just as perfectly executed as if she were walking a red carpet. This weekend, Glastonbury takes over the English countryside—and your Instagram feed—once again, and in honor of the occasion, Chung is breaking down her ultimate music festival fashion do's and don'ts. Flower crowns, don't; fake moustache, do. For all of that, and more, read on.

How do you plan your Glastonbury outfits?

I think the thing that makes Glastonbury special is the place itself, which although delightful, can often be a hostile environment weather wise. In that respect, it's hard to truly plan an "outfit;" instead you need to be ready for a multitude of weather fronts. Definitely comfort is the first thing I think about, which is why most years I wear the same jeans and wellies and then just finesse the looks with some fun top. But as I say, it's a unique festival and it feels like at Glastonbury people are more interested in experiencing the music than what they look like.

What is on your packing list for this year?

This year I will have my trusty Hunter Wellies to navigate the rough terrain and probably a very cozy jumper for when it's cold at night. I wore vinyl pants last year and they were ideal because they kept you insulated as well as being wipe clean.

What are your beauty essentials for a music festival?

A hairbrush and some moisturizer. I think a full face of make up is the last thing on your mind by the Sunday morning, so I take a mascara and some moisturizer and that's about as far as my beauty kit extends.

How does Glastonbury style differ from other music festivals?

Well, it's British so although there are people of all nationalities that have travelled from far and wide to attend, probably most of the crowd are Brits, so sartorially speaking it's a field full of experts in layering and practicality, because growing up here just instills that in you. I think what's so nice is that the style is more low key and real because it's a music festival that you walk for hours around in mud and rain with only joy and cider keeping you going.

What is the most important thing to consider when picking out your Glastonbury outfit?

Whether you can carry it. I think packing light is always the best option because when you get to the gate you have at least a 40 minute walk ahead of you so it has to be a bag that you can physically carry. Sorry to sound so dreary—I swear it's the most fun place on earth, but it's incomparable to American festivals.

Who has the ultimate Glastonbury style and why?

Kate Moss single handedly invented festival style, which wasn't even necessarily "festival style" at the time, per se, it was just her actual style in the context of a festival and the world went crazy for it. I think people responded to her authenticity.

How do you determine what footwear to wear to Glastonbury?

Even on a dry year you can guarantee there will be mud so it's always always a Hunter boot for me to slosh through the puddles in comfort.

What festival trend do you loathe?

I mean, each man to himself. I don't particularly loathe anything other people are wearing because I presume they're wearing it because they like it so that's cool. I personally, at the age of 33, no longer suit flower crowns. Not sure I ever did.

What pieces are only acceptable at music festivals?

There's a bar at Glastonbury that you can only get into if you're wearing a fake moustache. Even men with real moustaches have to wear a fake one over it, so I suppose that's an item that I would only walk around in at a festival.

What is your favorite Glastonbury memory?

I was lucky enough to watch the Rolling Stones from side of stage a few years ago and it was one of the best things I've ever seen.

What advice would you give to someone heading to Glastonbury for the first time?

Tell your parents you love them and then switch your phone off.

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