Angelina Jolie's Nail Artist Explains Why Buffed Nails Are This Season's Go-To Manicure

While there may have been plenty off wildly eccentric and colorful nails displayed on the runways this season, it turns out that the trend to follow for spring is actually no color at all. Beyond the signature seasonal shades of pastel pinks, lilacs and blues, celebrity nail artist Emi Kudo, who caters to stars like Yara Shahidi, Olivia Munn and Angelina Jolie is making the case for effortlessly buffed nails.

The key to flawless natural nail? It's all in the prep, of course. "I strive for healthy and smooth, yet moisturized sidewalls and cuticles of the finger tips. Her hands must look like she’s never touched dishwashing soap, and went through the hustle bustle of regular day," Kudo shared, noting that Zoya's Hydrating Hand & Body Serum ($12, is her go-to moisturizer.

While Kudo is not against a bright pop of color, saying that, "I will follow seasonal rules, more likely brightness of sunlight for the season," this spring, she is focusing primarily on the natural nail. "I am personally liking colors for hands and natural clear pink or buffed nails for toes. This is opposed to the ordinary nail rule," Kudo said, adding, "She wears cool shades on her hands, but if her toes are perfectly pedicured with clean natural pinks, it gives people a fresh surprise, and gives an innocent impression. That’s something I think a sophisticated lady in the city should be."

However, for those who insist on a splash of color for their spring manicure, Kudo's recommends a muted neutrals. "I am really loving shades that are slightly muted for spring, especially since it seems to be a longer winter this year," Kudo said. "I also like a touch of color to add a little bit of something, without being too much – jelly polishes are great for this and Zoya in Princess and Vickie are great examples. Neutral is also a favorite for a sophisticated look to transition to spring."