Angelina Jolie, Vlogger in the Making, Has Started Her Own YouTube Channel

The 44-year-old actress is pivoting to video.

Steven Klein

Angelina Jolie, who’s wont to take her kids to escape rooms to celebrate their birthdays, is a cool mom—cool enough, it turns out, to take a page out of Emma Chamberlain‘s book and start her very own YouTube channel which likely wouldn’t even make her children cringe. If the past two and a half weeks since she created the channel are any indication, the 44-year-old actress will not be posting videos of herself “trying not to cry” as she dropped her son off at the airport to start his first year at college. Instead, she’s keeping it low-key—to the point that to date, she still has less than 6,000 subscribers.

So far, Jolie has posted two videos. The first is a 15-minute long documentation of her keynote address at the 2019 General Assembly Ministerial Meeting. “Women and girls are still the majority of the victims of war,” she told the audience in a call to action. “They are over half of all refugees, and the vast majority of the victims of rape and other sexual and gender-based violence.”

Then, on Sunday, Jolie posted a throwback of another of her keynote addresses, this time at the Hollywood Reporter‘s Women in Entertainment breakfast in 2017.

A quick look at Jolie’s bio confirms that she means business: “After years of dedicated service to UNHCR and the cause of refugees, Angelina Jolie was appointed Special Envoy in April 2012,” it begins. “In her expanded role, Jolie focuses on major crises that result in mass population displacements, undertaking advocacy and representing UNHCR and the High Commissioner at the diplomatic level. She also engages with decision-makers on global displacement issues. Through this work, she has helped contribute to the vital process of finding solutions for people forced to flee their homes.”

Suffice to say, it sounds like Jolie’s channel won’t have too much in common with that of another newfound celebrity YouTuber: Naomi Campbell, who’s found her niche in posting mesmerizing videos of herself going about everyday activities, from prepping for an international flight to embarking on a shopping expedition at Whole Foods. Then again, Jolie is only two and a half weeks in—and, as she shared last week, has already made some very YouTube-friendly plans to visit her son Maddox Jolie-Pitt at college.

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