You Can Finally Watch Miley Cyrus’s Full “Ashley O” Music Video

“On a Roll” just might be this year’s song of summer.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 6.15.54 PM.png

For Miley Cyrus, playing the pop star Ashley O in Black Mirror‘s fifth season, which premiered on Netflix last week, marked a milestone: “It’s the first thing I’ve been proud of,” she said in an openly self-deprecating interview last December. Extreme as that sounded at the time, now that they’ve seen it for themselves, fans can empathize—so much so that Ashley O, who does not exist IRL, already has an IRL cult following.

Unfortunately, there’s been one major drawback: Ashley O doesn’t exist IRL. And apparently, that’s presented a hurdle when it comes to her music appearing on platforms like Spotify. To listen to her music, then, fans practically have to be devoted Ashley O Holes: doing so pretty much requires streaming segments of Black Mirror on repeat—at least until this week.

“Today, award-winning pop sensation Ashley O unveils a new music video for her single ‘On a Roll,’ in which Ashley O empowers her fans to believe in themselves and to work hard to achieve their goals,” Netflix announced on Thursday via a “press release” that credited neither Cyrus nor Nine Inch Nails. (“On a Roll” is a riff on the group’s 1990 industrial classic “Head Like a Hole.”) Overall, the video sticks to what’s seen in the episode: Cyrus, outfitted in white leather and a head of lilac hair, dancing to a choreographed routine with a group of backup singers, against an illuminated background that sticks to her wig’s color scheme. (Except for the new ending, which is classic Black Mirror.)

Perhaps even more important than the visuals, though, is the audio; until now, fans hadn’t been able to listen to “On a Roll” in full—meaning we may have finally found the song of summer. (Not that we’re complaining—the song is definitely a catchy earworm—but it says something about how bleak the contenders have been this year that the front-runner doesn’t even exist IRL.)

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