The end of 2017, with all its disorder and darkness, is upon us. The full cold moon (also a supermoon) on December 3 will be in Gemini and tap directly into chaos as an energy force. We should all remember that chaos isn’t always a bad thing—it can rearrange the old into something important and different. The new moon in Sagittarius on December 18 will lead us into a spirit of invention for invention’s sake. It will remind us that nothing is static, even those most dependable aspects of our lives. However this year has been for you, lean into your passion and make room for that passion to change, which is (do we have to say it?) inevitable.

Yours in the stars and on Earth, The Astro Poets


This last month of the year is a time when many career opportunities you’ve already put into play will formulate into your next big breakthrough. You have a lot of momentum right now, Aries, even if you still feel like you’re waiting for that one big prize. Try to see as many of your lucky people this December, the people who make you feel good without trying to entertain you. And stay away from the friend drama you’re very good at curating and controlling (which gives you a sense of order) because while theatrics are always something that actually fuels you, you need to keep calm and lay low this month in preparation for a big 2018, which will be all about you and the work you’re interested in doing in the world. Apply the same kind of “chill” filter to your family, which may be a bit demanding on you right now. You aren’t letting anyone down if you cut a few appointments, miss some meetings, or return a few emails with delay. We urge you to meditate on the big picture this month and take care of yourself. You’ve already impressed everyone, shouldn’t you be a little more impressed with you, too? Your most loyal friend will come to your rescue right as the year is about to end.


Your stubborn streak will get you in trouble with a love interest or a prospective love interest. At the end of the day, the people who gravitate toward you and stick around will appreciate how exacting you are in what you want and how you go about your life. So you may have to be very discerning this month, which we know isn’t hard for you, and take a pass on some romantic offers. We do want to warn you, however, that your sentimental and nostalgic streak will kick in and you’ll have the urge to reach out to some people from the past who’ve never been good for you and who certainly won’t be now. Remember that. One of your strengths is your ability to romanticize. And while this does come in handy when there’s someone deserving there, or when you’re working on a creative project, it does get you into trouble with exes, friendships, and even at work. As you start to reflect back on the past year, let more of it go than you normally would. We know you like to linger. Save that impulse for another time. And while it may not be the perfect time right now to form new friendships or love interests, keep going out and seeing people and creating movement and energy.


Although you are changeable, that does not mean that you actually love change. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. And despite your antics, which are frequent, you do everything you can to keep things the same as much as possible. This translates to love of course, and despite your reputation for a wandering eye (and body), you tend to be quite steadfast when in a relationship where you’ve committed yourself. We’d love to say the reason for that is that you’re always madly in love with the other person, but it’s more so that your love and devotion comes out of knowing that who you depend on will be there. This month you may feel the earth shake a bit, as the things you’ve depended on in the past will not be on the strongest ground. This could relate to love but more so it will mean career. How you have defined yourself will be tested. You are going to need to be resourceful, quick, and ready to meet these challenges as they come your way. But who better to think on their feet than you? The good news: once this change is over, a new awakening is on the horizon and you will know yourself better than ever before. As 2017 comes to a close, consider how far you have come this year. You have battled some personal demons of destruction with flair and sparkle and things are only going to get better. Ask yourself, how can you continue this growth next year? As the month ends, a true friend will provide the answer to this question.


Anyone who knows you knows how much you value the idea of a soul mate. Even if you deny it at times, you are the sort of person who believes in a life-affirming, soul crushing true love to nurse you out of your moods and take you into the eternal. (Actually, shouldn’t everyone believe in this?) Once you have any indication that someone could fill this role, you put them under a series of extensive tests, which include personality assessments, willingness to surrender, and of course, financial stability (which is vehemently important to you, even if you may deny that, too). You can be quite hard on this potential soul mate, testing them sometimes for years, to see if they fit the standards of your ideal vision. The only problem is: who can measure up to someone’s ideal? This month, remember that a soul mate is a real person—faults and all—and that this is a good thing. As you begin to appreciate the imperfections in your love interest—and in life, in general—you will be happier. And as 2017 has its last dance, apply the same tolerance to it. Things happened this year, and so many were good, but not exactly what you had hoped or planned for. Still, you were met with many happy surprises, unexpected windfalls and luck, and it’s time to celebrate them. As you start to look into next year, think of one goal you have and be even more ambitious about it. The winds of change are on your side this winter.


Time is a strange, strange thing. And it will slow down for you this month and bring into focus your biggest fears and desires, too. You’re an incredibly active sign, Leo. You like to go for what you want, although you often beat yourself up over how you execute. The important thing to remember is to keep doing and making and creating opportunities for yourself. Some old doubts will remind you that not everything has gone your way this year. Especially when it comes to some very personal ambitions you haven’t shared with almost anyone. Don’t let that paralyze you. You’ll also wonder if a quieter, more restrained life is something you should pursue, perhaps because your perfectionism is driving you a bit crazy. Be patient with yourself and know that even your mistakes are leading you toward the right door. Leos are optimists and believe in the universal. Apply that same love you have for the world to the work you want to do in it and have more pride in yourself (we probably shouldn’t say this to you because you know, your ego). Your friends are as loyal to you as you are to them and they do truly see you for who you are, although we know you often feel let down that perhaps it’s not as reciprocal as it can be. Your own energy and passion is what will save you in the end. Trust it as this dark year pushes its way out of time.


You’re always searching for the most ideal day on which you’ll make that big change or take that leap you’ve been thinking about. It’s in your nature to plan for change, to set it up. While this impulse actually serves you well, you’re often overwhelmed when life, unexpectedly, swerves. And with all your plans B, C, and D, you end up Ok, though somewhat disappointed. You survived this year, Virgo. The truth is, your devotional nature and often alarming endurance will always help you survive. But surviving and actually living the life you want are two different things. We’re urging you to take that chance you’ve been thinking on for almost this entire year. You know, the one that may shock even your closest friends who’ve heard about it so many times, but don’t think the dependable you they know will actually go through with it. It is the end of the year but it’s not the time for you to reflect. It’s a time for you to jump. And remember that you’re the sign that builds more safety nets than any other. For your friends, family, and yes, for yourself. Don’t doubt that you will land somewhere safe. We just hope you land somewhere different because it’s what you need.


You’re kind of a rebel and you know it. These past few months you’ve taken some huge risks toward both your present and future happiness and it has inspired many people around you. You should be proud of yourself because these were not easy steps. And while we’d love to tell you that this process of change is almost over and that you’re looking out the other end, we dare say it may have only just begun. Or really, all the work you’ve yet to do is still large and looming and you’re going to have to dig in to get some important tasks completed. You may read tasks as “chores,” or worse yet, as “obligations.” Now might be a good time to utilize one of your great skills, which is getting others to do your work for you. We don’t say this in a mean way—it’s just that you truly are a good delegator, especially if the work isn’t fun. So call upon all of those people who not-so-secretly worship you, and make it a team effort. You will need their strength when times get stressful. As the year ends and you look to the next one, think of your career. We know you are flirting with the idea of getting back on an old or different career path. One that maybe you never truly got off of, but instead were sidelined by more pressing projects. It’s time to get back on that path, as fulfillment and great things line that road. Just open your eyes and move.


Though you deeply dislike all of the trappings and tropes of family seen everywhere during this season, you are devoted to the idea of a pack of people to exist with on a forever level. That’s family, and the holidays of this last month were actually quite enjoyable for you, as you got close to some relatives you had either lost contact with or were estranged from (well, it’s you, so we know it’s most likely the latter). All of this bonding was fulfilling for you, in ways maybe you haven’t felt in quite a while and you’re coming into this next month a bit recharged. If you start to feel your energy levels flag at times, go back to that source of energy. After all, your power is not only to have great ideas, but to see them through. And there will be a lot of things to see through in December. In terms of love, you will continue to be somewhat devoted to whatever has been on your plate the last few months, but it will be secretly half-hearted. Don’t worry, no one but us will know, and you aren’t really in the place to address it right now, anyway. As the year comes to a close, think about any lifetime goals you may have for love. Are they being met at all now? If the answer is no, then consult your birth certificate and remind yourself that you’re a Scorpio. If the fire isn’t burning so bright that even the people on Mars can see it, what’s the point? The new embers of 2018 may give you the answer you seek.


How can we assure you that you’re on the right path but it’s just a bit rocky right now? Yes, everything looks somewhat different than the beginning of the year. That’s because despite all the chaos and negativity that was everywhere in 2017, you were brave and made some real good choices to change, which you’re doubting (this may always be you, truly). You are an adventurer and wanderer. Remind yourself of that. The Sagittarius is devoted to both creating and chasing their dreams. That doesn’t mean the path will always be linear. Your greatest enemy this month will be yourself, so maybe you need to be on a bit of a time out. What does that mean? Well, for you it means being kind to yourself and indulging in your very real desires to be around people, flirt, and infuse the party with only the wildness you can. Yes, it’s okay to feel good. We give you permission. And while you’re celebrating all your bravery from this past year, know that the months ahead will present you with an unexpected surprise in the career realm, which will require you to work very hard. Of course you’re up for it, but you’ll be even more up for it if you let yourself run around and be festive this month. The only limits are those you impose on yourself.


It’s a remarkably good time to start making room for that romantic love you’ve always been planning for (yes, planning is what you’ve been doing). It’s either coming, or it’s actually arrived and you don’t quite see it yet. You’re an incredible care taker, Capricorn. You’re also willing to work for someone’s love and attention. These traits will serve you well this December when someone you’re beginning to fall for or someone who’s been a very good friend for some time will need you to show up for them. Be faithful to your practical impulses as a challenge at work will test your resolve. You know that there’s always a way out of a problem, though you may feel trapped by something in your career realm which feels out of your control. Also know that your friends and loved ones are always looking at you as an example of strength and forward movement. You’ve proved yourself already, so whatever it is that shakes things up at work, it will pass. What we see ahead for you is a relationship that takes you closer to the truth, or what other people may call the dream (we know dream is sort of a lofty word for you). Don’t be afraid to really feel things with this companion.


It probably won’t come as a complete shock to those who know you well, but your work is the center of your universe. And by work, we don’t mean a profession or what you have to do to survive, but the older meaning of that word—as in vocation, or calling. You have a definite sense that you were put on this earth to do a particular task and it is of supreme importance for you to see it through. And it’s true. You did come here to do something big and chances are, you will. This month you will become preoccupied with a project that may seem weird to those around you, but one that you’re driven to do with an almost spiritual force. We don’t have to tell you this because you will do as you please (thank you very much), but still, we must implore you not to listen to anyone who tells you this project is silly. They’re the ones who are silly. Remain focused and you will be excited by how it turns out. As 2017 ends, think about your connection to family and if it is as strong as you’d like it to be. It may not be the time to take on any old hurts or grudges you have about something a relative has done in the past, but it’s a good idea to start revisiting those feelings personally. The start of the new year will bring reunion with that person and with yourself. Also, forget holiday gift lists, and start making a list of the most important people in your life. Even if you don’t realize who they are right now, one of these people is going to be a love interest this coming year.


You might at times seem quiet but you have no trouble getting exactly what you want. That will be the case this December, as you’ll be driven to figure out just what it is you want and how to get it. While you can be an expert at social grace, intuiting the needs of nearly any social setting or group, it isn’t necessary right now to mind your p’s and q’s, as many things are aligned for you to achieve your goals with flourish and very little finesse. It’s as if it was meant to happen. While you rotate in the career sphere this month, start looking toward the future. You’ve been mired in the present for at least this later quarter of the year. What do you want in the next 12 months in terms of your work? You can get it all, if you just do a little planning in advance. The great news is you already work with someone loyal and wonderful who will really help you. Love itself won’t be a concern in December, but it will start coming back into your consciousness as the new year begins. Someone close to you has a huge crush on you and you may be interested. It will be a tumultuous but fun experiment, so make sure you are ready for it (we know you are). Also, any lingering crushes you still have from 2017—forget about them. It’s good to start 2018 free of any old energy and ready to see the world anew.

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