Practically as soon as she had the 10-pound veil that was sewn to her head for the Met Gala removed, Bella Hadid took off for the Cannes Film Festival in the South of France for an "unveiling" of her new collaboration with Alexander Wang and, um, Magnum ice cream. Also in town, it turned out, was The Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye, aka Hadid's ex-boyfriend, who's been extra emotional about his recent breakups with her and Selena Gomez as of late.

Rather than awkwardly avoiding each other, the pair actually spent most of the night together—two hours, to be precise—at the Magnum x Alexander Wang party that was the site of their reunion. Their hang-out also included sitting down for a real conversation, which, in the midst of a party, of course necessitated them leaning in to hear each other. Convenient, since the next thing they did was (gasp!) kiss. According to the Los Angeles Times, which even fastidiously noted their exact arrival times, they actually kissed "intermittently" throughout the night. (In case you were wondering, they also sat on each other's laps.)

Yes, there are Instagrams and ultra-zoomed-in, grainy paparazzi photos to prove it, which is pretty much the only way such an intimate (and public) reunion between the pair seems believable. Sure, they've repeatedly made the obligatory insistences that they're just friends since they broke up in 2016, but Tesfaye has also had a highly emotional relationship with Selena Gomez since then, whom he appeared to tear up about while performing at Coachella last month. Then, a few days later, rumors started circulating that he was "definitely dating" the DJ and model Chantel Jeffries.

On the other hand, there's an explicit line in his new EP that is almost certainly directed at Hadid, who planned on competing in horseback riding at the Olympics: "I hope you know this dick is still an option ... You were equestrian, so ride it like a champion." (Yep.) And even though he seemed to be thinking deeply about Gomez at Coachella, he also spent some of his time at the festival with Hadid, where they were allegedly spotted "kissing all night." (Hadid later cheekily denied this on Instagram by commenting "it wasn't me" with a shrugging emoji on a post about the rumors.)

Anyway! Neither instance, of course, means they're actually back together. After all, who can blame anyone for wanting to get flirty while partying on the beach in Cannes?

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