Benjamin Trigano

Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane isn’t the only French expat to put down roots in Los Angeles.

Camilla and Benjamin Trigano at M+B, Benjamin’s Los Angeles gallery.

After decamping from Paris to Los Angeles 11 years ago, Benjamin Trigano not only founded M+B gallery, a contemporary art and photography space in West Hollywood that represents young talents like Matthew Brandt, but also opened Mama Shelter, a chain of Philippe Starck–designed boutique hotels in Europe and, come next summer, Hollywood. As an entrepreneur, Trigano says, he’s wholly American. At home, however, the Club Med scion entertains like a Frenchman. Several times a week, he and his wife, Camilla, the English-born, French-bred marketing director of the design company Environment Furniture, host get-togethers at their ’20s townhouse in Hancock Park, which is crammed with vintage photos and towering stacks of books. “People stay late; they smoke—it’s relaxed,” he says. “Inevitably, someone will comment that they can’t believe I have kids with all the naked art in my bathroom—but I’m French!”

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Camilla and Benjamin Trigano at M+B, Benjamin’s Los Angeles gallery.

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