Beyoncé Fell at Coachella, But in a Very Beyoncé Fashion

Let's make one thing absolutely clear: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter does not make mistakes. Never has, never will. When she says something that isn't true, the universe realigns itself so that whatever she said becomes true. When she misses a beat in a dance or a note in a song, the dance and the song change to be whatever Beyoncé did, and everyone else is wrong. And when she tried to pick up Solange onstage at Coachella and they both fell over, well, that wasn't a mistake either. That was an improvisation. That was performance art. That was Beyoncé experimenting with gravity and gravity failing her. Please don't think that any of what happened indicates a mess-up on Beyoncé's part, because she doesn't mess up. Ever.

So, what happened was that during her second weekend performance at #Beychella, Beyoncé, while experimenting with a new color scheme (pink!), seemingly attempted to lift her sister Solange and then they both kinda ended up on the ground, smiling and laughing and doing that air-bicycle move with their legs. They pretty quickly got up and walked, nay, strutted it off, with Bey encouraging the crowd to "give it up for my sister!" Whoever took the video had a good laugh about it, too.

It all went down (to the ground) during "Get Me Bodied," according to Vulture.

We can only imagine that this is what it looked like back at the Knowles household in Houston, Bey and Solange horsing around on the floor while their parents try to wrangle them into the car to go to dance class because ladies, you have superstar careers to build. It was probably cute then and it's definitely cute now.

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