Beyoncé Has Her First No. 1 Song in Nine Years (Thanks to Ed Sheeran)

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Amidst the regular glory that is Beyoncé, you may be surprised to learn that she hasn't had a number 1 song on the Hot 100 in nine years. "There is absolutely no way that Beyoncé, the Beyoncé, inventor of lemonade, wearer of Becky's skin, the only reason anyone would have a TIDAL account, has not had a number 1 song since 'Single Ladies,'" you may think to yourself. And yet, somehow, it's true. Not only is Beyoncé topping the Billboard charts for the first time since 2008, but she's doing so with Ed Sheeran.

On Monday, Billboard announced that the number one song of this week's Hot 100 is Beyoncé and Sheeran's duet remix of his single, "Perfect." According to Billboard, the song received a boost from first week sales, spending a second week as the number one song on the Digital Song Sales chart. Since the duet version accounted for 63% of the sales for both versions of the song, Beyoncé was added to the charts as a co-lead artist, Billboard explained. Here's the unthinkable part: According to Billboard, "both versions of 'Perfect' contribute to the song's singular listing on the Hot 100." This means that, were it not for Ed Sheeran (that is, the sales for his solo version), Beyoncé may not have topped the Hot 100.

As much as it seems like this should be the other way around, that their collaboration would be so well-received isn't too surprising. Apparently, they've become the best of friends, with Ed Sheeran taking every opportunity to mention her, both implicitly and explicitly, and Beyoncé inviting him to do Jägerbombs and dine upon pizza with her and Jay-Z. Stranger things have happened. I just hope he gets her a Game of Thrones cameo.

As for Beyoncé, let's not worry about her singles chart success too much. She's foregone the radio hit game in favor of reinventing the album anyway.