Billie Eilish Met Naomi Campbell and Totally Lost It

The pop star had a serious fangirl moment.

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Billie Eilish met Naomi Campbell and just could not keep it together. Relatable content! The two were introduced at the Gucci-sponsored 2019 LACMA Art + Film Gala, a celebrity-studded event held to raise funds for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The gala honored (long-underappreciated) artist Betye Saar and director Alfonso Cuarón. Fellow attendees included Leonardo DiCaprio (a co-host), Laura Dern, Salma Hayek, Greta Gerwig, Keanu Reeves, Ava DuVernay, Tyler the Creator, Jon Hamm, and so many more that just reading the list made our heads swim. But Eilish only had eis (sorry) for Campbell.

The supermodel posted photographic evidence of the encounter on her Instagram, sharing two images in which she’s clad in a sirenic crimson Versace gown and Eilish sports her regular goth Fat Joe duds (these were embossed Gucci pajamas). In the first photograph, Eilish has her hands over her mouth as she smiles widely, eyes shining with joy. In the second, she holds her hand over her heart, her mouth contorted like she’s about to cry. She looks simply overwhelmed with joy, which is exactly how we would feel if the legendary Naomi Campbell chose to pose for a photo with us.

“@billieeilish what a pleasure to meet such a talent and beautiful soul,” Naomi captioned the photos. “You are a breath of fresh air.”

Eilish gleefully reposted the images on her own Instagram, as part of a carousel in which she poses glamorously with the likes of John Legend, Jared Leto, and Alessandro Michele. She only fangirled for Campbell. Again: relatable. She also added Campbell’s post to her Instagram, writing a simple “omg.”

A note to every publicist in Hollywood: invite these two to every event. They are on odd, wondrous couple.