Björk Has Already Created the Perfect Tinder Soundtrack

“And I go through all this / Before I swipe right / so I can feel happier”

Bjork Performs in Concert At Iceland Airwaves
Santiago Felipe

Earlier this week Björk, our Icelandic queen of art rock, made a surprise announcement. She put up the pre-order page for a previously undiscussed new album because apparently DJ’ing at Brooklyn gay bars isn’t the only she had been up recently. The news lacked any details of track listing, collaborators, cover art or even an album title, which is to say fans had no idea what to expect.

Luckily though, she quickly clued us in through her cover story in the latest Dazed and said the album had a surprising influence: Tinder! Yes, Tinder.

Done with creatively processing the breakup of her longtime union with the artist Matthew Barney, the 51-year-old is quite enjoying being single at the moment.

“This is like my Tinder album,” she told the British publication. “It’s about that search (for utopia)–and about being in love. Spending time with a person you enjoy is when the dream becomes real.” We’re not sure most of us would connect Tinder to a search for utopia, but sure.

On first thought, the ins and outs of the complicated world of modern dating may seem more like the lyrical beat of introspective pop songstresses like Robyn or Carly Rae Jepsen than Björk. Popular misconception leads us to believe that Björk sings about tree elves and the ocean tides and what not, and sure, there’s some of that, but really her music is also about love, loss, emotion, and, well “Human Behavior.” In fact, she may have already written the perfect soundtrack for Tinder.

The perfect song for the moment when you’re searching through 100 selfies for the perfect profile pic: “Army of Me.”

When you instantly match with that cutie you always see at the coffee shop but have never worked up the nerve to talk to before: “Violently Happy.”

For when they live in Harlem but you live in Brooklyn: “Come to Me.”

When you match with someone you instantly regret and then they message you: “Play Dead.”

When someone sends you a scandalous pic and you’re into it: “Big Time Sensuality.”

When you match with someone from high school: “I Remember You.”

When they come on with too many compliments too quickly: “I Go Humble.”

When they leave you on read: “It’s Oh So Quiet.”

When someone gets a little too cocky and tells you what your first date is going to be without actually asking you: “It’s Not Up to You.”

When it gets hot and heavy on the first date, but you’re not ready to go too far yet: “Generous Palmstroke”

For when they ask you if you’re free next Tuesday: “Possibly Maybe.”

When someone asks you where you live but you’re not quite sure yet that they’re not a serial killer: “Hidden Place.”

When someone asks you what your hobbies are so you awkwardly come up with something: “The Modern Things.”

For when you’ve spent an hour swiping, come across someone with pictures from a Trump rally who says they’re just looking for someone “chill” and “no drama” and then, after swiping left, discover there’s no one left in your area: “I’ve Seen It All.”

When you’re five dates into a thing with a Tinder match and you realize they hasn’t deleted the app of their phone: “You’ve Been Flirting Again.”

When you’v had a bit too much wine on a Friday night alone and you decide to message that one person you went on two dates with last September: “I Miss You”

When you actually go on a Tinder date with someone that you can actually imagine dating: “All Is Full of Love.”

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