Blake Lively Just Deleted All of Her Instagram Photos and Unfollowed Ryan Reynolds In Likely Publicity Stunt for New Film A Simple Favor

This is a case for the FBI (or Gossip Girl).

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Something is going on over at Blake Lively‘s Instagram, and it’s very confusing. The 30-year-old actor appears to have deleted every photo she’s ever posted to the social media app, including her profile picture, and has unfollowed almost everyone — including husband Ryan Reynolds. Although she has not explicitly explained why, Lively has left a few clues: her bio now reads, “What happened to Emily?…” and she’s only following profiles with the name Emily Nelson.

Lively hinted that something big was about to happen was when she posted a picture of a hangman game with the answer being that same question about Emily on April 30, before deleting everything on May 1. People and other publications have speculated that the sudden dramatic change has to do with Lively’s new movie, A Simple Favor: The film, which also stars Anna Kendrick, is an adaptation of a book by the same name about the mysterious disappearance of a woman, played by Lively, named, what else, Emily Nelson.

Some of the innocent Emily Nelsons who have recently gotten a follow from Lively have posted about their excitement and confusion on social media. “Does anyone want to tell me why Blake Lively followed me and had this as a bio,” one Emily wrote on Twitter, adding, “Goodbye cruel world some hacker is anti-Emily, my time has come :-).” And more than one person suggested they’d like to curse their parents for not having the good sense to name them after the character. “Tempted to change my name to Emily Nelson, so I can get a follow from Blake Lively. Lol,” one Twitter user wrote.

So far, no word from Instagram super troll Ryan Reynolds about how this makes him feel. Though we can’t imagine it will be long.

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