Blake Lively’s The Rhythm Section Will Resume Production in June Following Hand Injury

That's when The Rhythm Section goes back into production.

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Blake Lively will have plenty of time to recover from the hand injury she sustained while filming her upcoming spy thriller The Rhythm Section, as it has just been revealed that the movie won’t resume production until June, as Variety notes.

For those just catching up, Lively hurt her hand back in December while in character as an assassin. She underwent surgery, the film picked back up, and was later halted last month one Lively realized she would need a second hand surgery. “The problem is that normally, that kind of an injury, you would have four to six weeks of rehab and then you would wear a splint. We have to go into stunts, so it’s very complicated,” director Reed Morano said at the time, offering the update that Lively is “okay. She’s just recovering.”

While Lively will have to wait until June to step back into character, that hasn’t stopped her from promoting the film on social media. Last month, she shared a photo of herself in a red wig with bangs, writing, “Before this photo, I was one of those people who was convinced I don’t have a “mirror face”?. (You all know who you are ? cheers to denying our vanity! ?) #TheRhythmSectionMovie.”

Meanwhile, last Friday Lively posted a tribute to Morano as well as The Rhythm Section producer Barbara Broccoli. “For #femalefilmakerfriday I give you: -Our #TheRhythmSectionMovie producer, the one and only Barbara Broccoli,” she wrote on Instagram. “She is the living example of the quote, ‘Don’t mistake kindness for weakness’. There is no one more grounded, thoughtful or warm. Make no mistake though, she is a force unlike any other. You CAN be nice and powerful. She shows me that every day. -In the middle = Me ? 14 years and my pants are still traveling ? thanks to you all. -Finally @reedmorano She directs, she DPs, she operates the camera, she’s a better actor than me most days. She’s full of light and life, energizing the crew with her spirit. She’s the most effortlessly cool person I know …even though she waits to cross the crosswalk until the orange hand turns white ?. SHE is what filmmaking looks like in its finest form. Male, female, whatever. No separate category needed. ??????????”

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