Britney Spears, iconic pop star, painter, and master of Instagram, has just come out in support of Dreamers, the young immigrants brought into the country by their parents whose status Republicans in Congress are threatening.

In the picture, Spears points to her "we are all dreamers" t-shirt (rolled up to reveal some serious abs, this is Britney after all). she posted it with the caption, "We are all Dreamers ✨ Tell Congress to pass the #DreamAct"

Spears isn't known for being the most political pop star, but she always supports causes and issues close to her heart. She expressed grief over a mass shooting in Texas, and sold a piece of original art to benefit victims of a mass shooting in Las Vegas (this is America; we have a lot of mass shootings to deal with). And of course she cemented her gay icon status earlier this year with a handwritten letter to her LGBT fans.

She's far from alone in her support of the Dream Act; celebrities like America Ferrera, Jennifer Lawrence, Rosario Dawson, and Mark Ruffalo all signed a letter urging congress to pass the bill before the end of the year, according to The Huffington Post. However, discussion of the Dream Act has been postponed until January, and, barring congressional action, Dreamers risk being deported as early as March. (Of course, that was all decided before BritBrit weighed in; now that we know where Spears stands, congress is headed back to work to make sure she gets what she wants, right? I mean, right?)

Spears is slated to perform on the Dick Clark New Year's Rocking Eve special (hosted by Ryan Seacrest) on December 31st. Let's hope her presence brings us into a 2018 that is merry, sbright and fair to immigrants.

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