Brooklyn Beckham Shows Off Tattoos on Instagram, Gets a ‘Like’ From Lexi Wood

Fresh off his breakup with Chloë Grace Moretz.

brooklyn beckham lexi wood.png Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham has officially entered into the Instagram flirting rebound phase of his recent breakup. Two weeks after the budding photographer and actress Chloë Grace Moretz exchanged shade on social media, he has seemingly moved on.

As for the model he was photographed kissing while allegedly still in a relationship with Moretz, Lexi Wood, she has moved into his Instagram comments. When Beckham posted a photo of himself, shirtless with his tattoos on display, the model, who’s appeared in Playboy and Vogue Japan, commmented on it with a tongue-out smiley-face emoji.

Wood isn’t the only model Beckham has been hanging with lately, though. He recently posted a photo of Justin Bieber’s rumored fling from three years ago, Cindy Kimberly. Beckham was also spotted spending part of his Coachella weekend with 18-year-old model Meredith Mickelson, as The Daily Mail points out. As innocent as it seems, Beckham has opened up about how choosy he is before when it comes to which people he likes to photograph.

“I’m kind of selective of the people that I take photos of,” he told W last August. “Like, I don’t take pictures of just my friends, but I do like taking pictures of just some of my close mates, especially out in L.A.” Beckham

Being a photographer comes naturally to Beckham, who has already helmed one campaign for Burberry. Still, he’s worked to separate his portfolio from his famous last name, as he explained to W. “People are always going to know me as Victoria and David Beckham’s son, and people thought that [I’ve gotten this] because of my parents—and part of it maybe, yeah, of course, it does help, but I’m just trying to make my own way,” he said. “That’s why I’m moving to New York now—I’m trying to make a name for myself, and just really start my photography career and live as a student, which will be cool and I’m excited about. I want to really study and learn about fashion, and kind of discipline for a few years, really start to study, and then probably start my photography career. I feel like that’d be really good for me—to disappear for a few years.” At this point, though, with paparazzi eyes on him at all times, that’s nearly impossible.

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