You Can Now Buy the Italian Villa from Call Me by Your Name

More like call. . . your real estate agent

Sony Pictures/Everett Collection

Maybe you aren’t as good at piano as Elio, maybe you’ll never have a lover like Oliver, and maybe your dad isn’t as wise as Michael Stuhlbarg, but you can still live the romantic summer dream of Call Me by Your Name—if you call your real estate agent and snap up the Italian villa where the film was shot for just under $3 million (or € 1.700.000,00). The film, set in the 1980s, specifies its location only as “somewhere in Northern Italy,” but turns out the actual location of the house where most of the action takes place is in the Lombardy region, near the Swiss border.

Director Luca Guadagnino, who is Italian, told AD in November that the house was integral to the film, which was adapted from a 2007 novel of the same name. “I had known that house for many years; I even dreamed of buying that house,” Guadagnino told AD. “Once I realized that I couldn’t afford it and didn’t really want it for my life, I knew where I was going to set the action of the film—this place with faded, aristocratic charm, that a professor and his wife might have inherited but can’t quite keep up.”

The Lombardy, Italy villa featured in Call Me By Your Name. Photo: Giulio Ghirard

The house was emptied and refilled with period furnishings for the film, but with the right decorator and a few visits to an antique shop, you’ll probably be able to recreate the most important parts of the set.

From the listing on House & Loft, it appears that in actuality the 15,000-square-foot property has eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms (so in real life, Elio and Oliver probably wouldn’t have to had share a bathroom, but then you wouldn’t have a movie). It boasts both a terrace and balcony, multiple fireplaces, and also has that fabulous, semi-dilapidated wall art and massive garden. But is there really a juicy peach tree on the premises? Guess you’ll just have to fly to Italy to find out.

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