If you're going to be privileged enough to have Cher grace your late-night show with her presence, you might as well devote the entire episode to the icon, which is exactly what Jimmy Fallon did with The Tonight Show on Monday. Essentially, it turned into The Cher Show, which just so happens to be the name of the Broadway play about her life that she's currently promoting—and which just might soon make her an EGOT winner.

Eventually, a few of the cast members joined Cher onstage, but Fallon had something else in store for her first: a round of lip sync karaoke, which saw her lip sync not to her own vocals but to a version of "Believe" sung by a crew of drunken New Yorkers who Fallon's crew had recorded at a karaoke bar.

Unsurprisingly, being made to mime along to an extremely cringe-worthy version of one her greatest hits left Cher feeling "embarrassed," though not for the reason you might expect. Believe it or not, Cher has always been "so shy"; at the beginning of her career in particular, she said, "it was really terrible."

Understandably, this left Fallon—who flashed a photo of the revealing dress that she wore to the 1988 Academy Awards, which saw her take home the Oscar for Best Actress—flummoxed. (Let's not forget the fact that she's about to embark on yet another tour, has an autobiography and biopic on the way, and is currently the star of a Broadway musical about her life.)

But the latter hasn't been easy for Cher: "It was hard, because there were things that I put in it I hesitated about, but then I thought, you know, If you're going to do something—if people think they know you, and you know they don't—then you've got to put in those unattractive parts, or those parts that hit too close to home," she said. "It was hard for me—there's a couple of parts where I sob every time, and I know it's coming."

Much less surprisingly, the 72-year-old also shared that, try as her many fans might, she's never seen anyone do an accurate impression of her. Lest you need any reminding: There's only one Cher.

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