Demi Moore Keeps Her Friends Close and Her Stuffed Animals Closer

“I usually have a monkey in my purse,” the actress told Lena Dunham.

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

What does Demi Moore bring with her to a sleepover? Plenty, it seems—or at least that was the case when she paid a visit to her “close friend” Lena Dunham‘s temporary home in Wales so that the writer-actress-director could profile her for the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar. “There are biscuits. Gummies. Wildflowers. A room spray that claims to purify more than just the scent of a space,” Dunham writes. (Lest there were any doubt that Moore is the perfect house guest, Dunham also notes that the 56-year-old actress brought her the gift of a cashmere shawl.)

But, as Dunham soon discovered, that wasn’t all. Moore loves dolls and toys, to the point that she collects them “by the roomful.” Once a hobby, collecting turned into a full-blown “obsession” after Moore divorced from Bruce Willis in 2000, for reasons deeper than they may appear. “I love figurative art,” Moore said. “And when I look at the little faces of things that I have, whether they’re like little animals or little something or others. I’ve always got little faces looking at me. If you go up and look at my carry-on bag, I have a little bear, and I have a little Dil Pickles, you know, from Rugrats?”

Naturally, Dunham took her up on that offer. Sure enough, Moore’s suitcase contained a “knobbly” version of Dil Pickles that she took care to clean up a bit before holding him up to Dunham for inspection. “I usually have a monkey in my purse too,” Moore teased of her vast collection. “It started with one I call purse monkey.” And with that, we can now add her name to the surprisingly long list of celebrity stuffed animal lovers, which includes everyone from Raf Simons to Margot Robbie.

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