Diane Keaton Is “Praying” She Reaches 1 Million Followers on Instagram Soon

Checking the app has become a "bad habit" for her.

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Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

In the nearly four years since Diane Keaton joined Instagram, she’s developed an aesthetic all her own. Her feed is composed primarily of black-and-white throwback photos of herself; sepia-toned mood board-style images of other actors, archival photography, and random objects; and mirror selfies of her signature monochrome, quasi-steampunk fashion sense, all captioned in aggressive all caps. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Keaton discussed her approach to posting on Instagram and confessed that she’s become about as obsessed with the app as her followers are with her feed.

“It becomes a bad habit…. It starts to be that thing you check too often,” she said. And one thing she’s always keeping an eye on, she said, is her follower count: She currently stands at a robust 851,000 followers. “I’m still praying maybe I’ll get a million viewers, but I’ll never be Reese Witherspoon. What does she have—15 million? I don’t even understand. I got to calm it down!” she said. (In fact, not to demoralize Keaton any further, but Witherspoon has just over 17 million followers.)

As for her habit of smashing the caps-lock button before typing out her captions, the aesthetic-aware Keaton told ET that she just thinks all caps type looks more appealing. “A lot of people don’t like all caps. Is there a reason?” she said. “I think it looks better. This is crazy—what’s wrong? This is why they’re going to be committing me soon!”

Hopefully, that doesn’t happen before Keaton achieves the milestone she’s been teasing on her feed for the past few weeks: Introducing more color into her mostly black and white wardrobe. Toward the end of March, while showing off a “cabbage skirt” on Instagram, she mused, “IS THIS TAKING BLACK TOO FAR? DO I NEED TO ADD COLOR? DOES THE SILVER BELT BUCKLE COUNT AS COLOR?” One week later, she posted yet another monochrome outfit, but hedged, “I PROMISE I DON’T ALWAYS WEAR BLACK. EVERY DETAIL HERE IS BLACK AND WHITE. NO SOLID BLACK OR WHITE. I’LL BE ADDING SOME COLOR SOON.” (The accompanying Pinocchio emoji didn’t bode well for her progress, however.)

The next day, Keaton shared a photo of her daughter Dexter in a bright red dress, praising her for not sharing her mother’s fear of “exciting” colors. And in the latest update to this gripping saga, on Tuesday, Keaton posted still another mirror selfie of a black and white outfit, admitting, “OK SO I ADMIT, HAVEN’T COME UP WITH ANYTHING COLORFUL JUST YET. I’M WORKING ON IT AND I’M TAKING IT SERIOUSLY.” We’re waiting on the edge of our seats.

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