When Did Dolly Parton Become an Iconic Twitter Meme Queen?

In her words, "? ? ?."

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It is always with slight trepidation when we are alerted to the fact a celebrity has discovered memes, but fear not. For Dolly Parton has discovered memes, and, you know, the ones she’s producing are actually pretty wholesome and enjoyable. It seems like the woman who is in multiple halls of fame for her songwriting ability also has a knack for memorable meme writing as well. Parton’s latest take? Resurrecting the memorable “Distracted Boyfriend” meme from earlier this year, and putting a spin on it via her classic song “Jolene.” While many have used the meme to express their feelings on everything from bad time management skills to their admittedly flawed dating habits, the fact that the original image pretty much has the exact same theme as Parton’s lyrics makes her version of it a simple, if not refreshing pleasure.

Like any good, meme-smith, Parton let her work speak on its own and simply uploaded the image to Twitter beside three “laughing so hard I’m crying” emojis.

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This was not Parton’s only dip into meme-dom lately, though.

She updated this format to declare her pure love for her genre.

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She’s also been fond of mining her own archive for reaction GIFs for some time now.

Previously, Parton had pretty standard Twitter usage habits. She shared little bits of #TBT nostalgia, congratulated her famous friends on their birthdays and accomplishments, released career news, and raised awareness of her international Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program.

Not that we’re surprised Parton has discovered memes. You don’t stay in this business as long as she has without adapting to the times. We’re just wondering who introduced her. Who could her meme consigliere be? A social media intern? A younger family member? Goddaughter Miley Cyrus? Or is Parton just doing it all on her own?

Whatever the case may be, at the age of 72 Parton has good reason to keep herself in your consciousness and remain a treasure of your timeline. There are multiple projects on the horizon. Not only does she have Netflix anthology series based on her song lyrics in productions, but it seems like that long-awaited 9 to 5 sequel may actually happen.