The NBA Told Drake to Turn His Stan Mode Down a Few Notches

The Toronto Raptors fan was given a warning by the NBA to pipe down on the sideline.

Milwaukee Bucks v Toronto Raptors - Game Three
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

There is perhaps no bigger basketball stan than Drake, the official ambassador for his hometown NBA team, the Toronto Raptors.

At this point, the team might as well promote the rapper from global ambassador to mascot because the noted Toronto Raptors fan (and he is a fan, by the way, not the owner of the team, as he is commonly misconstrued) has been trolling from the floor seats during the lead-up to the NBA Finals. Drake says he’s just passionate about his hometown, but all of that passion appears to have rubbed a few basketball fans the wrong way.

Now it seems as if Bucks fans aren’t the only ones who have had enough of Drake entering stan mode the second he steps on the court. NBA commissioner Adam Silver reportedly spoke to the rapper about crossing “lines” as the public face of the Toronto Raptors. “We appreciate how big a fan he is, and I know the Raptors do,” Silver said. “He has the official designation ‘ambassador’…and he’s a global star, so it’s a huge deal that he’s so engaged with the team and loves the NBA so much,” he continued before adding, “Obviously, there’s some lines that even ambassadors shouldn’t cross.”

“I think Drake understands, as excited as he is and as appreciative we are of his support that there’s got to be lines drawn,” Silver went on. “Obviously, you don’t want to end up touching a coach because a coach may not realize what’s going on in the middle of the action.”

Drake’s excitement has even extended so far as to give Toronto’s coach, Nick Nurse, shoulder massages between plays while the Raptors competed against the Milwaukee Bucks in Game Six, giving rousing speeches after the games with the intent to amp up his home team for the NBA Finals games they are about to play against the Golden State Warriors, and possibly even supporting the theory that he has the power to “curse” opposing teams by wearing their merch during the games, but it’s unclear which of these antics will be topped during the NBA Finals when they begin tonight. In any case, at least we’re getting some good memes out of it.

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