Emily Ratajkowski Explains Why She’ll Never Have a Wardrobe Malfunction With Sheer Fabric

It’s sheer genius.


Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram is a place where you could spend hours before realizing it. Her grid, which is followed by 19.5 million people and counting, is a source of wanderlust, lessons on how to pose for photos, and, apparently, fashion hacks. Today, Ratajkowski shared one of the latter after a night out.

Last night, she went to an Emmys afterparty, but before leaving the house she did one thing to make sure she avoided a wardrobe malfunction: She tested how sheer her dress was by having a friend shine a bright light on it. “Real friends take flash pics to see how sheer your dress is before you leave the house,” she wrote on Instagram in the caption of a photo showing said dress.

In this case, Ratajkowski embraced the wardrobe malfunction aspect of her dress and the sheer trend that’s been going strong for the past year, peaking this summer thanks to brands like Simone Rocha, Christopher Kane, Prabal Gurung, and Victoria Beckham. She paired her sheer black dress with a black bandeau bra and black high-waisted briefs.

Ratajkowski shared a few more closeups of her strategically sheer outfit, writing, simply, “Emmys.”

The model, actress, and social media celebrity recently opened up about how she’s exhausted by all of the comments about her body, telling PopSugar, “It’s literally just my body…. For women, it’s such a huge part of our identity,” she explained. “When my female friends describe someone, they’re like, ‘She has wide hips.’ At a certain point, you think, Does that matter? Then you meet them, and it’s all about the way they carry themselves. I know this from my own experience. I meet so many beautiful women, and maybe they wouldn’t be a professional model, but they carry themselves well. I always say that to people.”

One way she’s able to practice self-love is by embracing her flaws. “I’m a human, and no one out there is perfect,” she said. “You’re not going to love yourself every f-cking day—that’s too much. I definitely have those issues and deal with it where I look in the mirror and I’m just like, ‘Oh, God. Not today. Please, not today.’ Finding a way to kind of get past that and love yourself and give yourself a break. I love that I am imperfect.” Few things are more perfect than that line of thinking.

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