Emma Roberts Debuts “Hairline Bob”

Roberts’s new chop is “the new short.”

emma roberts haircut
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Emma Roberts, actress and noted hair icon, has revamped her hairstyle yet again. In 2018 alone, she’s tried everything from mini bangs to pink hair. And now, she’s gone for an even deeper chop with a cut that’s being called the hairline bob. From the front, the style is just long enough to tuck behind Roberts’s ears. From the back, it looks to be just a few millimeters past a pixie.

To take her hair from short to shorter, Roberts turned to celebrity stylist Chris McMillan, who’s best known as the creator of “The Rachel” haircut Jennifer Aniston popularized on Friends. It’s safe to say McMillan is a trendsetter, and judging by his Instagram caption, he expects Roberts’s haircut to usher in a new era. With hashtags “#thenewshort” and “#hairlinebob,” he’s named the look and encouraged us to redefine what we consider “short” hair. The look is multifaceted: It could work for someone like Kate Hudson as she grows out a pixie, or for someone like Roberts looking to take a bob even shorter.

Meanwhile, colorist Bre Trupiano is responsible for Roberts’s blonde update. She created a fresh, pure blonde that’s so bright it almost looks silver in the salon’s selfie lighting.

According to McMillan, the best part of Roberts’s cut is that it barely takes any time to style. He described his process on Instagram as: “combed into shape with Sebastian mousse and put Emma under a dryer ( hood dryer , like you would with a roller set. 15 min ✅ DONE. Run hands through. Easy on the hair, and FAST!!!!” On Trupiano’s Instagram Story, she claims the style is air-dryed. Whether it takes two minutes or fifteen to dry, we love the idea of a style that works on the run. Now, if only we were brave enough to try “the new short”…

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In the Mood for… Short Hair

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