Fifty Shades Freed Trailer

Universal Pictures

Fifty Shades Freed, the final part of the movie adaptation of the Fifty Shades trilogy that started with 2015's mega hit Fifty Shades of Grey and continued with last year's Fifty Shades Darker, will be released on Valentine's Day of this year. And on New Year's Day, fans got an early look at one of the most pivotal moments in the story: Anastasia Steele Grey (Dakota Johnson) finds out she's knocked up. By Christian (Jamie Dornan), one assumes.

Because this is Mrs. Grey, she doesn't just pee on a stick, or miss a period. She finds out from some unseen woman in a well-appointed office. The big moment doesn't come til the very end of the trailer, which mostly features footage we've already seen of Ana Doing Things. There's Ana Not Being Threatened By An Architect, Ana Being Literally Threatened By Her Old Boss, Ana On The Phone, Ana On The Beach, Ana At The Wedding, Ana In A Hallway, Ana Driving A Car, and of course, Ana Making Sweet, Sweet Love To Christian.

We also get a quick flashback recap of the first two movies, how Ana was all reserved and virginal, and Christian was all uptight and sad, and then they fell in love and decided to be happy kinksters together because isn't that better? Of course, it is. Watch the trailer above, and stop pretending you're not going to see this movie.

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