Foxcatcher's Brotherhood

On Tuesday evening, New York's Modern Museum of Art rolled out the red carpet for a special screening of Foxcatcher, which won the Palme d'Or prize, the highest honor at the Cannes Film Festival, this year. Riding that high, director Bennett Miller jokingly introduced his A-List cast: "Original Breakfast Club Card Holder, Anthony Michael Hall; a newcomer who has done some theater, Vanessa Redgrave; dancer-turn-actor, Channing Tatum; and Steve Carell." Mark Ruffalo, who plays Olympic wrestler David Schultz, was not present, but Tatum who plays Schultz’s younger brother and fellow Olympic wrestler Mark, gave him some props. “Mark Ruffalo will forever be my older brother, whether he likes it or not,” he said, with a laugh. “I couldn’t have done it without him.”

The delightfully dark, character-driven biopic was the main topic of conversation at the Brook Brothers- and Patron-sponsored after-party, held at the Top of the Standard. Guests like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Valentino Garavani, and Sheryl Crow sipped tequila as they excitedly gossiped about the upcoming awards season—listing Foxcatcher as a favorite alongside Gone Girl, Whiplash, and The Imitation Game.