How to Live Like California Dude Garrett Leight

In honor of his namesake eyewear brand’s recent collaboration with WANT Les Essentiels.

WANT Les Essentials x Garrett Leight

“Just wear glasses confidently, and you’re good,” says Garrett Leight, who started his widely popular namesake eyewear brand in 2011. Clearly, he’s a humble California dude, because it’s his meticulous attention to detail that really makes his customers feel confident. With this design philosophy, it only made sense that the brand is collaborating with WANT Les Essentiels, a luxury label founded by twins Byron and Dexter Peart, whose mission is to curate products that honor both fashion and function. Together, the collection features Garrett Leight’s sleek signature Wilson style with the WANT touch of luxe, like leather-trimmed lenses. In honor of the new capsule, Leight shares his everyday essentials, which range from Netflix and Nespresso to Xanax. And despite the fact that his sunglasses are an Instagram favorite, social media is one thing he admits he would love to live without.

What’s on your desk: I wear optical glasses, so my desk is the best place to clean my glasses a few times a day. I always have a bottle of cleaning spray and a large cleaning cloth, as well as a small flathead screwdriver for an occasional tightening. Outside of that, I use lots of notepads and I lose pens and pencils like crazy so I’m well stocked. I have a great mirror next to my desk because I’m always trying on new designs. I also have a small leather tray where I put my wallet and keys every morning.

What makes the perfect pair of glasses: Hard question. I’d have to say it’s really about the lenses. Glass lenses are just so much better. Any add-ons are worth the money (i.e. polarized). If a lens doesn’t have UV and backside anti-reflective coating, it means the brand is less about quality and maybe more about style. As for stylistically, that’s impossible to answer. There’s great big frames, small frames, metal, acetate, combo — it’s really up to the user. Just wear glasses confidently, and you’re good.

When you want to relax: Music, water in the vicinity, preferably a jacuzzi, a comfy couch, a cozy bed. Sadly, I’m more of a Netflix and chill guy than a reader.

Home goods of choice: Great fireplace setting, great patio furniture, Nespresso machine (I’m always on the go).

What’s on your nightstand: Water! Eyeglasses and iPhone charger.

Most-used iPhone apps: Banking apps, ESPN, Google docs, Sonos, Apple Music, weather, KCRW Radio, Radio Nova, IMDB, and Shazam.

Travel must-haves: TUMI luggage, WANT Les Essentiels dopp kit, sweatpants, headphones, laptop. And honestly Xanax; I hate flying.

Most visited store in California: RTH, otherwise I shop when I travel.

Summer essentials: A good attitude. There are so many tourists in LA during the summer; it can really drive you crazy. Outside of that, make sure you have a nice outdoor area at home because everywhere is packed. Clothing wise, I wear cut-off jeans, basketball jerseys, and Birks.

Item of clothing you could wear every day: Tailored sweatpants, black Birks or blue or white Vans, white/grey/black t-shirt with a vintage button down, worn open, with a killer pair of sunglasses.

Best recent discovery: KCRW and Radio Nova apps, they have amazing internet radio all day long.

Something you could do without: All social media — every single one. Even Snapchat, which I currently enjoy. I know for a fact it won’t be fun sooner than later. If social media didn’t exist, the world would be a better place.

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WANT Les Essentials x Garrett Leight SS16 collection.

WANT Les Essentials x Garrett Leight SS16 collection.

WANT Les Essentials x Garrett Leight SS16 collection.

WANT Les Essentials x Garrett Leight SS16 collection.

WANT Les Essentials x Garrett Leight SS16 collection.

WANT Les Essentials x Garrett Leight Wilson glasses, $525,

WANT Les Essentials x Garrett Leight Wilson glasses with sun clip, $525 and $235,