Glenn Close’s Dog Pip Is the Real Star of The 2019 Awards Season

Forget Bradley Cooper’s award-winning pup from A Star Is Born, and focus on Pip Close instead.

34th Santa Barbara International Film Festival - Maltin Modern Master Award Honoring Glenn Close
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Many believe that this year’s Oscars will be a nailbiter because of the Best Actress category—in which Glenn Close and Lady Gaga will go head to head for their performances in The Wife and A Star Is Born, respectively—but they are overlooking the real clash.

After A Star Is Born hit theaters, it seemed like all anyone who had seen the film could talk about was how good Bradley Cooper’s dog Charlie was in the role of Jackson and Ally Maine’s pet.

The pup even finagled a PETA award for Cooper’s directing skills earlier this week (a notable feat considering the actor-director has been snubbed at most other major awards ceremonies, and was not nominated in the Best Director category at this year’s Oscars ceremony). There is another dog—a less cinematic pup, but still camera-friendly, no less—on the horizon, and his name is Pip Close.

Cooper’s dog does not have his own Instagram, but Pip—short for Sir Pippin of Bean, naturally—does. He may be Close’s “only son” but he manages to appear as both the subject and curator of his own Instagram account, a scholar of Dutch Golden Age portraiture, and even has his own tag on Getty Images. Charlie can keep his “Oscat” from PETA if he’s not going to show up on red carpets with his parent like Pip does.

It should also be noted that on Close’s main feed, her selfies with Timothée Chalamet (she takes one with him every time they run into each other, and send it to Grace Van Patten, a former co-star and friend of theirs) are nothing short of legendary. Historians will look back on these photos and have a lot of fun with it, perhaps even too much fun. She’s also willing to have a little fun with this awards season, serving up refreshing vulnerability before appearing on red carpets or narrating her way around Tinseltown as she makes her way to the various ceremonies, and has been hitting up the festival circuit with the in-demand Young Hollywood actors of the moment, like Awkwafina.

Close also knows her way around a meme or two, which is impressive considering she only just joined Instagram in December 2018, and excels at capturing the weird habits of strangers she sees out in the wild. Besides Pip, no one has been having more amusement with her celebrity status this awards season than Close, and she deserves every second of fun.

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