Harry Styles Stars As a Chic Fish Out of Water In “Adore You”

Styles stars as a fish out of water in a mythical village.


If you’ve ever fantasized about Harry Styles as a seafaring gent with a taste for chic fisherman sweaters and onesies, now’s your chance to see that fantasy in action.

After performing in a Saturday Night Live skit that inspired a flood of filthy comments on the Sara Lee official brand Instagram account and teasing his fans on Twitter with some, uh, cheeky insert photos from the vinyl edition of Fine Line, Styles has returned to wholesome—but still quite whimsical—form with music video for “Adore You,” the third single from his forthcoming album. The video is a classic fish out of water tale, but with Styles and a literal fish at the center of it.

The story begins on the fictional isle of Eroda, a fishing village which is located just off the coast of Soctland, and is occupied by superstitious citizens who perpetually frown (or, in a state of “resting fish face,” as Rosalía narrates in the exposition).

That is, until a “peculiar” little baby with a bright smile is born and grows up to be Harry Styles. As he turns out to be noticeably different from the rest of the townspeople (his smile nearly blinds everyone who looks at it), “The Boy” is ostracized until his adulthood, when, just as he embarks upon a Virginia Woolf-inspired suicide attempt he discovers a small shiny fish that had also been ostracized from the rest of its school. As the fish grows, he needs to find bigger receptacles to fit it in, and carries his new nautical companion around town, sharing tiny tacos and pints at the pub. It’s like The Lighthouse, but more colorful.

The video for “Adore You” was directed by Dave Meyers, an industry vet who recently directed Travis Scott‘s “Sicko Mode” and Billie Eilish‘s “Bad Guy.”

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