Harry Styles Stans Are Very Upset About His New Haircut

The curls are gone!

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Theo Wargo/WireImage

Harry StylesStevie Nicks enthusiast, teen idol, rock star, heartthrob–has a lovely head of hair. His Gucci phase has been marked by loose curls, and he’s also been known to wear a sixties-style semi-pompadour. The Styles stans, who yearn so deeply for Harry, usually love whatever he has going on atop his head. But not now. Now they are very upset.

On Sunday, September 1st, a Styles fan named Erin tweeted that her father had run into the star in Italy. “Soooo my dad just met harry in Italy,” she wrote. “Cannot fucking believe my eyes.”

Erin shared a photograph of her dad and Styles, adding that the musician was “so lovely” to her parents. But stans immediately took notice of Styles’s new, uh, hairstyle–a flippy, moppy cut that lands just north of his ears. The look, when combined with Styles’s new vacation stubble, is less Laurel Canyon folk singer and more late ‘90s Harmony Korine character. The curls are gone. The fans are bereaved.

Some are trying to be supportive. They are mostly failing.

In a new, much-lauded cover for Rolling Stone, Styles wore his longer hair swept up. Photos by Ryan McGinley show the star tanned, with saltwater-styled locks lazily falling across his eyes (hairstylist Thom Priano did a really amazing job). But it appears that the vacation hair is no more. RIP.

In the accompanying profile, in which Styles comes off as the most charming person alive, he spoke about his rabid female fandom. “They’re the most honest — especially if you’re talking about teenage girls, but older as well,” he said. “They have that bullshit detector. You want honest people as your audience. We’re so past that dumb outdated narrative of ‘Oh, these people are girls, so they don’t know what they’re talking about.’ They’re the ones who know what they’re talking about. They’re the people who listen obsessively. They fucking own this shit. They’re running it.”

We wonder if he will feel differently after seeing the hair tweets.