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Nineties fashion and TV may be having nostalgia-fueled moments in the zeitgeist, but the era's dating scene is still full of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Such is the case with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who was in her early 60s at the time and had been a widow for around two decades. Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin was a hotshot actor in his 30s as yet unencumbered by his attachment to a different cultural figurehead who would go on to become the president of the United States. Turns out, though, Onassis and Baldwin's divergent life paths didn't stop her from romantically pursuing him, at least according to a new report.

The newly uncovered brief romantic history between Onassis and Baldwin comes courtesy of Lucky Jim, a memoir by Jim Hart that was released this week. Hart, who is the ex-husband of Carly Simon, discusses his and Simon's enduring friendship with Onassis in the book. Specifically, Hart writes of the time Onassis hit him up for Baldwin's digits. Apparently, according to People, Baldwin was a friend of Hart's, and Onassis wanted him to hook her up, asking, "Do you think Alec could be my date for the theatre on my birthday?"

"I was surprised by the openness of the request, but I acted as though there was nothing unusual about it," Hart says. However casual he may have acted, Hart didn't lose sight of the fact that he was dealing with Jackie O, so he unsurprisingly followed through. When Baldwin got the message, "Alec was most shocked of all, but there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation, even though he had just met Kim Basinger." Given a chance to recover, he was down, responding, "I'm there," and insisting, "Are you kidding? Jackie Kennedy wants to go on a date? Of course."

The postscript to their date isn't clear, but that just gives license for the imagination to run wild. Given Baldwin's Irish-Catholic background, interest in Democratic politics, and very Kennedy-like family tree, the pairing makes more and more sense the more you think about it. Either way, it sure seems as though Baldwin's recent memoir, Nevertheless, was holding out on us.

Don't let your imagination get too far ahead of yourself, though. Baldwin did go on to marry Basinger, and Kennedy's longtime later-in-life partner Maurice Tempelsman survived her.

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