Jamie Lee Curtis Re-created This Famous 2010 Paparazzi Photo Series for Instagram

The actress (and meme fan) knows she’s a meme.


Jamie Lee Curtis knows she’s a meme, and it seems as though she’s kind of here for it. In 2010, the Daily Mail published a series of four paparazzi photos of the actress apparently giving an unnamed friend a total dressing-down before pausing to sip her drink. The image was swiftly turned into a meme: removed from its original context, re-created, even animated, taking on a life of its own for nearly a decade.

But don’t for one second think Curtis missed the meme. She is, after all, a notorious fan of memes, seemingly unable to stop reposting Halloween-themed ones to her own Instagram upon the release of the most recent installment in the series. Memes seem to be on her mind even when she simply ventures out of her home; how else to explain the landline tucked inside her tote bag, or this cross-body iPhone holster? Over the weekend, Curtis and her son, Thomas, appeared on the Youtube series Game Grumps. (They were there to play Super Mario Party, apparently, but their guest spot was not so far out as it might seem: Curtis is an avid gamer and cosplayer, a regular Comic Con attendee—not just as an actor, appearing at the convention for Scream Queens, but also as a fan—and a big fan of League of Legends and World of Warcraft.) But more importantly, she and the Game Grumps host Arin Hanson also re-created the infamous Daily Mail meme, with Hanson bravely playing the role of chastised friend.

“Real footage of @jamieleecurtis deciding to play Peach in Mario Party,” the Game Grumps Twitter posted on Sunday evening. It has, in fact, been hailed as “her best performance since Freaky Friday,” an evaluation that just dares you to contradict it.

Now can someone please ask Curtis what the original argument was really all about?