Jazmin Grimaldi, Grace Kelly’s Granddaughter, is Headed to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Meet Jazmin Grace Grimaldi.

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi
Photo by Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Grace Kelly’s granddaughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi has been cast in the next season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Page Six reports. Grimaldi, a 27-year-old actress who has appeared in a few small roles, took to Instagram to announce her role on the show. In a since-deleted snap, she posed in full 1950s period garb, writing, “And that’s a wrap . . . for now. Thank you for a MARVELOUS first experience!”

Grimaldi also posted an image of her famous grandmother, citing her as inspiration. “In light of recent acting work, I couldn’t help but walk down memory lane and draw inspiration from my beautiful Grandmothers Grace and Jean!” she captioned the headshot. “Miss and love you both.”

Page Six noted that Kelly died a decade before Grimaldi’s birth.

She was not able to elaborate on her role on Maisel (and she seems to have edited her Instagram page, wiping it of mentions of the show), but she told the outlet that she “had a great time” filming. Welcome to the Upper West Side.

Grimaldi, who also performs in cabaret shows, has a number of famous connections. She’s currently dating the musician and model Ian Mellencamp, nephew of John Mellencamp. Mellencamp has appeared in campaigns for the likes of Tom Ford and Calvin Klein. In a 2016 interview, he told W that he would describe his style as “Frank Zappa meets Andy Warhol.”

And Grimaldi’s cousin, Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Princess Caroline, was married over the weekend in Monaco to film producer Dimitri Rassam. But the actress had a different kind of upbringing. Her mother, Tamara Rotolo, met Prince Albert of Monaco while on vacation in the Côte d’Azur in 1991. They had a brief affair, and Rotolo then raised Grimaldi in California, where she works as a real estate agent. The monarch did not confirm his paternity until 2006, but he and his daughter reportedly have a positive relationship. It is an extremely Princess Diaries-esque situation. We are kind of jealous.

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