Jennifer Lawrence Vomited During A Performance of 1984, But Don’t Blame Olivia Wilde

This will be a great story for her next late-night appearance.

Jennifer Lawrence
Photographer: Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin Stylist: Alex White

Since Olivia Wilde’s new production of 1984 premiered last month—and even while it was still in previews—audience members have hollered at actors in the middle of the performance; they’ve fainted; and several have even vomited. During one preview, several viewers got into such an intense argument the cops showed up. Even on stage, things have escalated quickly: Wilde reportedly broke her co-star Tom Sturridge’s nose during one preview performance; in another, she earned herself a split lip. And in this adaptation of George Orwell’s dystopian novel, gruesome torture scenes are compounded by light and sound effects to produce a visceral reaction among some viewers—including, most recently, Jennifer Lawrence.

Lawrence attended the play Monday night, but according to Page Six, the actress wasn’t able to stomach the whole thing. She darted out of the theater, according to an anonymous source, and was subsequently spotted “getting sick” in the lobby. (The source didn’t neglect to praise the “helpful and courteous” ushers, who likely did not take the story straight to the tabloids.)

But, according to another friend of the Oscar-winning actress, her sudden bout of nausea wasn’t the result of 1984’s extreme content. No, it’s far more mundane: Lawrence caught a stomach flu from her nephews. Of course, it’s usually easier to suppress even flu-induced nausea when one isn’t confronted by an existential reminder of the threats posed by the Trump administration—and when one isn’t confronted by graphic torture scenes—so we’re not discounting a link between the two.

We wish Lawrence a speedy recovery. And, hey, at least it’ll make for a great story to recount on Jimmy Kimmel Live! during the actress’s next—rapidly approaching—press tour.

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